Gurugram Bride Flees with ₹1.5 Lakh and Jewelry

Gurugram Bride's Mysterious Vanishing Act: A story of declined dowry, a hasty court marriage, and a shocking disappearance with cash and jewellery on the second day of wedded life.

Gurugram Newlywed’s Vanishing Act After Declined Dowry, Leaving Family in Shock

Gurugram: A woman absconded with ₹1.5 lahks in cash and some jewellery from her in-laws’ home in the Bilaspur area on the second day of her marriage, as reported by the police. Ashok Kumar had sought help from acquaintances and relatives to find a suitable match for his younger son. Manish, one of Kumar’s acquaintances, introduced him to Manju, who claimed to have a potential match for his son.

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Dowry Declined, Bride Vanished

Manju and his associate explained that the girl’s family was financially disadvantaged and couldn’t afford a dowry. Kumar clarified that his family did not require dowry and offered ₹1 lakh and some clothing to Preeti’s family. Following a court marriage, Preeti disappeared the next morning, along with ₹1.5 lahks and jewellery, despite the previous celebrations.

Kumar realized Preeti had gone missing and informed Manju, who promised to contact her. However, when Kumar reached out to Manju’s associate, he was threatened. An FIR was lodged against Preeti, Manju, and another individual at the Bilaspur police station, with an ongoing investigation to apprehend the suspects.

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