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Abhinav Shukla Confronts Online Trolls, Anticipates Fatherhood, and Emphasizes Equality in Household Responsibilities.

Actor Abhinav Shukla recently addressed persistent online trolls, explaining his strategy for engaging with them. He also expressed excitement about impending fatherhood with his wife, Rubina Dilaik

Actor Abhinav Shukla recently addressed online trolls, occasionally responding to their comments. 

In a recent Instagram post, actor Abhinav Shukla confronted the persistent trolls who had been plaguing his comments section. Shukla took the opportunity to explain his approach to handling online criticism, shedding light on his perspective as a public figure. He stated, As celebrities, we appreciate engaging with our fans, but I don’t want to ignore the people who don’t like me or are trolling me, so once in two years I grant their wish and give them a reply.

His decision to respond to trolls was not impulsive; rather, it was a calculated effort to address questions that were repeatedly posed by curious or less-favourable individuals. Shukla clarified that his motivation wasn’t triggered by a specific incident but rather a curiosity about public opinion. He also acknowledged that while negative comments could affect him to some extent in the past, he had grown more resilient, recognizing that criticism comes with the territory of fame.

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Shukla’s life is currently focused on a significant upcoming event: the impending arrival of his first child with his wife, fellow actor Rubina Dilaik. He expressed eagerness for this new chapter and his willingness to embrace sleepless nights and the joys of parenthood. Drawing from his experience with his nephew and niece, he is well-prepared for this exciting journey.

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Furthermore, Shukla emphasized his role as an equal partner in household responsibilities, noting that he is already a hands-on husband and will continue to be a hands-on father. Their approach to sharing household work is rooted in equality, with an automatic 50-50 division of tasks.

Regarding concerns about internet trolls targeting his newborn child, Shukla firmly stated that it would be extremely malicious for anyone to subject a child to online trolling. He acknowledged that negative comments are an unavoidable aspect of their lives as public figures, emphasizing that no one is immune to criticism, regardless of their actions.

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