6 Family Drama Films to Watch if You liked Pagglait

Enjoyed watching Pagglait? Family Drama Films to Watch if You liked Pagglait

Recently, a drama film, Pagglait starring Sanya Malhotra and directed by Umesh Bisht has been released on Netflix. The film is a multi-star family drama, that is part feminist, and of the genre of dark comedy. Plotted on the occasion of Death, the film is about intricate and subtle instances of family dynamics, relationships and politics. All of it comes to light in the 13 days customs that take place according to Hindu Rituals. The film is one such holy and wholesome film plotted on the occasion of Death and treats the audience with overwhelmed and quirky emotions. The film has been liked by many and if you liked it, here are the other family drama films to watch, that are as good as Pagglait.

Family Drama Films to Watch if You liked Pagglait

1. Ram Prasad ki Tehrvi

The first film that should come on the list without a doubt is ‘Ram Prasad ki Tehrvi‘ that has just come on Netflix. The film draws a direct parallel with Pagglait in the sense that it is also plotted on the occasion of Death and the incidents take place within the13 days mourning period according to Hindu custom. This film, just like Pagglait is about family and family dynamics and politics. And like Pagglait, the film will leave you with beautiful yet thought-provoking questions about life and death.

Ram Prasad ki Tervhi

2. Badhaai Ho

Badhaai Ho is absolutely one of its kind, plotted on the idea of childbirth, but what’s unlike here is that the childbearing mother is an old woman, who already has a child, ready for marriage. How ‘good news’ becomes unwanted and uncalled for, just with the age is what this film suggests. It is again a family drama that you will absolutely love if you liked Pagglait.

3. Queen

A taste of life film, for women, about women and about being independent. In the sub-plots of Pagglait, the idea of independence for women is what is highly reflected. A decent parallel to it can be seen with the film, ‘Queen’. Here, the protagonist played by Kangana Ranaut has been betrayed by her fiance on the wedding day, and in quest of self-identity, she found herself lost and looking for self-identity and independence.

4. Do Dooni Chaar

There can’t be any film that could reflect the daily lives of a middle-class family better than that of the film, ‘Do Dooni Chaar’. The cutest part of the film is that the cast includes Rishi Kapoor and Nitu Singh, as Husband – Wive, who are a couple in real life as well. The film is about how a middle-class family manages to make ends meet.

5. Monsoon Wedding

Death and Marriage, the two occasions where families and extended families meet. In Pagglait, it was Death, in Monsoon Wedding, it is the Wedding where the family has gathered. Yet, when they gather, it is impossible to not have the family dynamics get disclosed. There are many lighter moments that bloom and at the same time, many grounded family secrets that come forward. The film is a must-watch if you are looking for some good family drama.

6. Dil Dhadkne Do

A broken family, pretending to be the perfect family ever on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the couple, who are certainly bonded with just the idea of marriage. This whole film is certainly about ‘log kya kahenge’ (what will people say?) and to save themselves from societal judgments, they choose to pretend. Apart from this, the exclusive star cast including Anil Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Ranveer Singh, Anushka Sharma, and many other known faces make this film a must-watch.

So, these are the family drama films that you can watch if you liked Pagglait. Let us know which one is your favourite in the comments.

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