10 Anime Love Triangles: The Most Obvious Endgames Ever

10 anime love triangles to binge-watch. Discover the twists, turns, and destined couples in these heartfelt sagas.

Enjoy Romantic Tales with Predictable Anime Love Triangles: Grab Your Popcorn and Groan

In the world of anime, love triangles are a recurring theme that keeps fans on the edge of their seats. While many series use these romantic entanglements to build tension and drama, there are times when the endgame is far from elusive. Let’s delve into 10 anime love triangles where the outcome is as predictable as the rising sun.

  1. Naruto – Naruto, Hinata, and Sakura: Naruto’s unwavering love for Hinata is clear from the start, leaving little room for doubt.

  1. Clannad – Tomoya, Nagisa, and Kyou: The strong connection between Tomoya and Nagisa makes this love triangle anything but perplexing.
  2. Ouran High School Host Club – Haruhi, Tamaki, and Hikaru: Tamaki’s ardent feelings for Haruhi pave the way for the final pairing.
  3. Toradora! – Taiga, Ryuuji, and Minori: The chemistry between Taiga and Ryuuji is evident early on, setting a foreseeable path.

  1. Fruits Basket – Tohru, Kyo, and Yuki: Tohru’s affection for Kyo eventually overpowers any competition from Yuki.
  2. Nisekoi – Raku, Chitoge, and Onodera: The series teases the audience but eventually settles on a decisive ending.
  3. Kaichou wa Maid-sama! – Misaki, Usui, and Hinata: Usui’s pursuit of Misaki leaves no room for ambiguity.

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  1. Kimi ni Todoke – Sawako, Kazehaya, and Kurumi: Sawako’s undeniable love for Kazehaya is a focal point throughout the series.
  2. Golden Time – Banri, Koko, and Linda: Banri’s affection for Koko leaves no room for a twist.
  3. Special A – Hikari, Kei, and Ryu: Hikari and Kei’s deep connection leaves little doubt about the outcome.

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While some anime love triangles keep us guessing until the very end, these 10 series make the endgame crystal clear, leaving viewers to savour the journey rather than wonder about the destination.

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