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Tragic Haryana Hooch Deaths: Toll Rises to 7, Arrests Made

In a devastating Haryana Hooch Tragedy, seven lives were lost in Yamunanagar. Illegal liquor consumption leads to arrests. Ongoing probe uncovers heartbreaking details of the illicit trade and tragic aftermath.

Haryana Hooch Tragedy: 7 lives lost in Yamunanagar to spurious liquor. Arrests made for illegal manufacturing. Ongoing probe reveals heartbreaking details.

Haryana Hooch Tragedy a heartbreaking turn of events, seven lives have been lost in the last three days in Haryana’s Yamunanagar district due to a suspected case of poisoning from spurious liquor. Among the victims were residents of two villages in the district. The state police have taken swift action, arresting seven individuals in connection with the tragedy.

Illicit Liquor Tragedy

The Superintendent of Police in Yamunanagar, Ganga Ram Punia, shared that the latest victim had consumed the illicit liquor on November 7 and was admitted to the hospital, where he tragically succumbed to the poisoning. Preliminary investigations indicate that the liquor was illegally manufactured, leading to the filing of a separate FIR in the Ambala district.

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Punia explained that those arrested included two local illegal vendors and others associated with the illegal liquor trade, either as salesmen or involved in subletting the places. The age of the deceased ranged from around 30 to over 45 years old.

The police also apprehended two individuals in Ambala for allegedly producing the illicit liquor. They were operating in an old building of an abandoned factory in an isolated area amidst sugarcane fields. The illegal liquor was then supplied to the Yamunanagar district.

Ongoing Probe: Tragic Deaths, Suspicious Cremations

The investigation is ongoing, and the police have collected evidence from the site, including empty drums and bottles. The tragedy unfolded when information about a death linked to suspected spurious liquor reached the hospital. Further inquiries revealed that additional people from the same district had been cremated under suspicious circumstances.

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In an unfortunate twist, the families of five deceased individuals chose not to inform the police, leading to no post-mortem examinations being conducted. The authorities are working diligently to bring justice to the victims and their grieving families in this devastating Haryana Hooch Tragedy.

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