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Tomato Prices Soared To Over Rs 100. What’s Driving The Price Hike?

Why Tomato Prices Soared this high? Climate change is impacting us in ways we cannot imagine!

Why Tomato Prices Soared To Over Rs 100? Find out the reason…

Tomato prices soared to over Rs 100 in the past few days. The prices directly went from Rs 20-30 per kg to a whopping Rs 80- 100 per kg. What has caused such a price hike? How will the common man survive? Let’s see!

Why have the Tomato Prices Soared To Over Rs 100? 

  1. Poor weather conditions are the main reason for the sudden rise of the prices. Heavy rains in areas that are the main contributors and growers of tomato have impacted the production. 
  2. Supply chain disruption- States like Karnataka, Telangana and some states in the northern region have been getting heavy rains since a few days and this has made the transport and supply of tomatoes difficult. 
  3. Farmers also believe that there is a production shortage because of the heatwaves. 
  4. Fewer tomatoes were sown this year as farmers had switched to growing beans as that offered more price and a better income for them. 

It is expected that the price will continue to be this high, or even higher in the coming few days. 

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Why is this worrisome?

Tomato is an essential in every household, its price hike indicates the struggle of the common man in being able to afford basic amenities. It is not just the price of tomatoes that has seen a hike in the past few days, but almost all basic vegetables, pulses and groceries have become more expensive. The middle class men are certainly feeling the burden on their pockets.

With a 4.25% inflation in May, the high inflation rate in India has been a concern and it is not likely to go low very soon. The El Nino is another factor that could keep the inflation prices high. 

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What is El Niño in India?

El Nino, as is commonly known, refers to an abnormal warming of surface waters in equatorial Pacific Ocean. It is known to suppress monsoon rainfall.

This hike in tomato prices also indicates a larger issue that climate change is a huge cause of worry for economists as well as the government. With change in monsoon patterns, heatwaves and extreme weather conditions, the prices of basic commodities will always be under impact. The government has to take corrective and drastic measures to rectify this issue. 

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