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Telangana Rain High alert: Schools, Colleges Closed Today

Telangana Rain High alert due to continuous heavy rainfall, government declared a holiday for schools and colleges while being on high alert. It prioritizes safety amid the ongoing downpour.

Telangana Rain High Alert: Schools, Colleges Closed, Government Monitors Safety Amid Heavy Downpour

Telangana rain high alert: On Thursday the state government announced a holiday for all the schools, colleges, and educational institutions in  the state. On 28.07.2023, the government decided to increase holiday for all government schools, colleges in the state due to adverse weather conditions and the  scenario of incessant rains. The state education department released an official notice .

Rain Halts Education

Sabita Indra Reddy, the Education minister of Telangana, said that amid the intense rainfall experienced in the state, authorities had previously announced a generous two-day break for all educational establishments on July 26 and 27, as a precautionary measure to ensure the safety and well-being of students, staff, and faculty members during the period of heavy downpour.

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 Challenges posed by the ongoing weather conditions:

The declared holiday aimed to mitigate any disruptions in academic activities, allowing schools, colleges, and universities to take necessary precautions and make suitable arrangements to address the challenges posed by the ongoing weather conditions. The state government and educational authorities were committed to ensuring the welfare of the educational community and were closely monitoring the situation to assess any further actions required. As the weather situation evolved, timely updates were provided to keep everyone informed about the resumption of regular academic activities following the designated holiday period.

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