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Noida Crime: Golgappa Dispute Turns Violent: Street Vendor Stabbed

Golgappa argument escalates; vendor stabbed. Noida Crime incident highlights importance of patience and civility.

Noida Crime: Man Stabs Vendor Over Queue-Jumping Spat 

Noida Crime: In a shocking incident in Noida, a 30-year-old street vendor named Ravindra Kumar was allegedly stabbed by a man after a dispute over golgappas (popular Indian street food). The incident occurred in Baraula village, Noida, on a Saturday evening. The suspect, Vikas Sharma, demanded to be served first and refused to wait in line.

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Ravindra Kumar, a resident of Baraula village, runs a roadside golgappa cart with his family. When Vikas Sharma insisted on being served immediately, Kumar politely asked him to wait in the queue. However, Sharma’s impatience escalated the situation, leading to a heated argument between the two men.

During the argument, Vikas Sharma took out a knife from his pocket and stabbed Kumar in the abdomen. After the attack, Sharma fled the scene, threatening dire consequences. Thankfully, Kumar’s neighbours and friends rushed him to a nearby private hospital, and the police were informed through the emergency helpline.

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According to Sandeep Chaudhary, the station house officer of Sector 49, an FIR has been registered against Vikas Sharma under sections 323 and 324 of the Indian Penal Code for voluntarily causing hurt and using a dangerous weapon. Ravindra Kumar is currently receiving treatment and is reported to be stable.

Efforts are underway to locate and apprehend the suspect. This incident serves as a grim reminder of the need for peaceful conflict resolution and the importance of maintaining civility in our daily interactions. It is essential for our society to learn from such unfortunate events and promote harmony and understanding among its members.

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