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Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar loses his Temper over the liquor banned in the state assembly

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar lost his temper over Bhartiya Janta party Leader Vijay Kumar on Liquor banned

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Wednesday lost his temper in the state assembly as the opposition Bhartiya Janta party leader Vijay Kumar Sinha questioned the government over several deaths due to spurious liquor in Saran district’s Chhapra area.
Nitish Kumar lost his temper in the House and screamed at the BJP MLAs ”Sharabi ho Gaye ho tum…(you are drunk)”.

The administration confirmed six deaths and several hospitalisations after many allegedly consumed poisonous liquid at Masrakh locality of the Marhaura subdivision late on Tuesday. Family members of the deceased alleged that more than 15 people consumed country-made liquor at Doyla village on Tuesday evening. Hours after they started vomiting and complained of nausea, headache and uneasiness following which their family members brought them to the hospital.

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The hooch tragedy sparked a major controversy in the Bihar legislative assembly due to what the Bharatiya Janata Party called the total failure of the state’s prohibition policy. Congress moved quickly to call for a reconsideration of the prohibition.
Nitish Kumar shouted at Sinha in a visibly angry manner, “Arey, tum bol rahe ho… (Oh, you must now talk.)

Meanwhile, BJP MP Sushil Kumar Modi, responded angrily to Nitish Kumar, the chief minister of Bihar, calling him a “sharabi” in today’s Bihar Assembly.

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