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Indian Forces Return from Egypt Exercise

Indian forces, led by Group Captain Parijat Jha, completed 'Exercise Bright Star' in Egypt, fostering international collaboration and enhancing joint training efforts with nine nations.

Group Captain Parijat Jha describes ‘Exercise Bright Star’ as a remarkable multinational experience for Indian forces in Egypt

The Commanding Officer of the 28 Squadron, Group Captain Parijat Jha, expressed his enthusiasm about the recent return of Indian forces (Air Force’s) MiG-29 fighter jets from Egypt after participating in the ‘Exercise Bright Star.’ He mentioned that this exercise provided an exceptional opportunity for Indian forces to engage in joint training and combat alongside nine other countries.


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Multinational Success: 

Group Captain Parijat Jha stated, “’Exercise Bright Star’ is a multinational endeavour that took place in Egypt, involving approximately 34 countries with participation from their Indian forces like Army, Navy, and Air Force units. The entire experience during the exercise was truly remarkable. We had the privilege of training and working together with representatives from nearly nine countries who took part in ‘Exercise Bright Star’ in Egypt.”

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It’s worth noting that the exercise, led by the United States Central Command (US CENTCOM) in collaboration with the Egyptian Army, commenced on August 31 and recently concluded with the return of the Indian forces contingent.

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