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Faridabad: Terror-Gangster Operative Harry Maur Arrested for Murders

Terror-Gangster Operative Harry Maur Arrested in Faridabad for Multiple Murders. End of Reign of Terror for India's Gangster-Terrorist Alliance.

Faridabad: Harry Maur, wanted by NIA has been Arrested for Multiple Murder Charges 

A significant operative within the terrorist-gangster alliance in India has been apprehended on charges related to multiple murders. The suspect, known as Harjeet Singh but also recognized as Harry Maur, had been a fugitive for two years and was wanted by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) in Faridabad. This was the second arrest from this alliance.  

Harry Maur and his associates were involved in a range of criminal activities, including targeted killings, extortion, and the trafficking of weapons and narcotics. Their criminal network had ties with Pakistan’s ISI and operated using hawala channels. Maur, notably, was responsible for the murder of Sandeep Nangal Ambian, the captain of the British kabaddi team.

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Originally hailing from Bhatinda in Punjab, Harjeet Singh alias Harry Maur had managed to evade law enforcement for an extended period before his arrest. The NIA had been actively pursuing him.

Another member of the alliance, Harry Rajpura, was apprehended in Faridabad the previous month, as reported by Deputy Commissioner of Police (Counter Intelligence, Special Cell) Pratiksha Godara.

Terror Reign Ends

According to Special Commissioner of Police HGS Dhaliwal, Maur played a significant role in the assassination of Sandeep Nangal Ambian, who was killed during a tournament in Nakodar, Punjab, while serving as the chief guest. This arrest, along with Rajpura’s, marks the end of their reign of terror in northern India. They were key operatives within the gangster-terrorist alliance, which was led by Sukha Duneke, who was reportedly killed in Canada on September 21.

The gang, which included individuals like Arsh Dalla, Lakhbir Singh ( as Landa), and Harvinder Singh (as Rinda), was involved in anti-national activities in collaboration with Pakistan’s ISI, according to DCP Godara. Arsh Dalla and Sukha Duneke primarily engaged in targeted killings and extortion, while Landa and Rinda focused on trafficking illicit weapons and narcotics across international borders.

Maur and Rajpura played roles in facilitating the transportation of shipments delivered by drones to various recipients. The funds obtained through extortion and smuggling were funneled through hawala channels to foreign-based kingpins and redirected to these operatives in India for their criminal activities.

Rajpura was apprehended on September 7 in Hodal, Faridabad, and his interrogation led to the subsequent arrest of Maur on October 6. Among the cases Maur was involved in were the murders of Manpreet Challa and Manpreet Vickey, who were close associates of the deceased gangster Kulbir Narunaa. He was implicated in the murder of Yashbir in Palwal, Haryana, due to gang rivalry, and the high-profile killing of Sandeep Nangal Ambian during a kabaddi match in Nakodar, Punjab.

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