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10 Things that are Suspicious in the Delhi Kanjhawala Case: Mystery Continues

Delhi Kanjhawala Case: Anjali’s friend Nidhi made some shocking revelations. The CCTV footage is making the Delhi horror more mysterious

A Delhi girl died after five rogue men dragged her to death in their car. The Delhi Kanjhawala Case has sparked huge controversy and suspicion after new findings.

Finding 1: The girl was accompanied by a friend at the time of the incident 

Delhi police have made a sensational revelation in the Kanjhawala case. As per the new CCTV footage Anjali, the victim was accompanied by one of her friends, Nidhi.

Delhi police traced the route of the deceased, and it was found that she was not alone on her scooty. According to Nidhi’s statement given to police, they both were on the scooty when a car hit them. While Nidhi suffered some injuries, Anjali got dragged along with the car. Seeing Anjali’s leg get stuck in the car, Nidhi got scared and fled”.


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Finding 2: Anjali booked a room for a New Year party

The hotel CCTV footage captured Anjali and Nidhi outside the hotel, quarrelling. The hotel manager also confirmed the report that two girls got entangled in an argument, and hotel staff had to intervene. The manager sends them out of the hotel, where they again engaged in a heated argument seen in the CCTV footage. The verbal quarrel caught the attention of bystanders, and people tried to settle the dissension. After a few minutes, both of them went on the scooty.

Finding 3: No rape or sexual assault reported in post mortem 

As per the first autopsy report, no evidence of rape or sexual assault was found. The deceased suffered several severe bruises, but there was no trace of sexual misconduct on her private parts.

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Finding 4: How did Anjali’s slipper get in the car?

A new video raised questions on the no sexual assault angle presented by the police. Around 2:15, the victim and her friend can be seen crossing Krishna Vihar. After a few minutes, the video shows a slipper being thrown from the sinner’s car, which is claimed to be Anjali’s. How did that happen?

Finding 5: They knew she was under the car- Nidhi

Anjali’s friend Nidhi described the entire scenario in a media interview. As per Nidhi, the five accused knew that Anjali was stuck under the car. But they choose to run over her. “She was screaming and shouting for help, and no music was playing inside the car. They killed her knowingly,” said Anjali’s friend, demanding justice for her.

Finding 6: The eyewitness followed the car and alerted the police 

An eyewitness Deepak Dahiya, not only informed the police about the incident but followed the accused’s car. However, the police kept procrastinating even after getting the minute-by-minute update from Dahiya.

He even warned 2 PCRs he met midway but they did not take any action. Even a third PCR talked to the people in the car but let them go. Why?

Findings 7: CCTV footage revealed Nidhi returned home before the incident

A new CCTV footage is making rounds of internet where Nidhi returned home at 1:37 am while incident happened around 2. How can she be at 2 places? Is Nidhi manipulating the facts?

Finding 8: A 6th person was driving the car

Before the recent findings, it was believed that 5 persons were in Delhi hit and run case. But now new CCTV footages have revealed that a 6th and might be 7th person were also have some hand in Anjali’s death.

As per police, Deepak Khanna was considered to be man behind the wheels was actually at home at the time of incident. However, Amit Khanna, his brother convinced him to take the blame.

All the above findings raised several questions about every person involved in the case.

Why did Anjali’s friend Nidhi not try to save her? 

Why no alcohol traces were find in Anjali’s autopsy report? 

Why did police refuse to take any action against the five accused at the moment? 

How did the accused never realise that someone was stuck beneath their car? 

What happened to Anjali? Delhi Kanjhawala Case is an Accident or Murder? 

The Delhi police have expedited the probe into the horrific incident, which triggered a massive outrage across the national capital.

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