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Air India’s Stunning Transformation In New Logo and Look

Air India showcases its revamped logo and design, symbolizing limitless possibilities and confidence, as it invests to elevate the guest experience and strengthen its position in India's travel industry.

Air India reveals a redesigned logo, investing $400 million to update the entire fleet for a fresh appearance!

Air India, under Tata Sons’ control, has unveiled its redesigned logo and livery for its planes. The airline shared images of its A350 aircraft in its new look at a paint shop in Toulouse, France. These planes are set to arrive in India during the upcoming winter season. Air India introduced its refreshed logo in August, keeping the original red and white colours but adding a touch of purple. The new logo is called ‘The Vista,’ and the airline is investing a substantial $400 million to update its entire fleet to match this new appearance.

Sharing the images on social media, Air India stated, “Here’s the first look of the majestic A350 in our new livery at the paint shop in Toulouse. Our A350s start coming home this winter… @Airbus.”

Tata Sons Chairman Chandrashekaran, during the logo and livery launch, explained that the logo represents limitless possibilities and confidence. The updated design showcases a colour palette of deep red, aubergine, and gold accents, along with a chakra-inspired pattern.

Chandrasekaran elaborated, “The new logo that you see here today… the vista signified by that historically used window, the peak of the golden window signifies limitless possibilities, progress, confidence and all of it.”

Bold Vision Of Air India 

He added, “We are focusing on upgrading all human resource aspects… While we have ordered a large number of aircraft… We have to refurbish and get our current fleet to an acceptable level… It is going to be a lot of hard work but the path is clear…We know where we want to be… The new logo represents our bold vision.”

Air India CEO Campbell Wilson had previously stated, “Our transformative new brand reflects an ambition to make Air India a world-class airline serving guests from around the globe, and that represents a new India proudly on the global stage.” By 2025, all Air India aircraft will bear the new logo.

Campbell reassured that the iconic ‘Maharaja,’ Air India’s longtime mascot, will remain a part of the airline’s identity and journey into the future. According to the airline’s press release, the new design reimagines the classic Indian window shape into a gold window frame, symbolizing a ‘Window of Possibilities.’ ‘The Vista’ logo represents boundless opportunities, progressiveness, and the airline’s confident outlook

The airline is making substantial investments to enhance the guest experience and strengthen its position as the preferred choice for travellers to, from, and within India.

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