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Can your Lipstick Damage your Health?


Women love to look beautiful and makeup is one of their most treasured passions. Be it chocolate brown, rosy red, baby pink or berry purples, think of a color and you have the lipstick in your hand to beautify your lips-glossy and luscious.


Recent studies have revealed that women are in the habit of touching lipstick as much as 20-25 times in single day.


Scientists believe that these so called ‘beauty accentuating lipsticks’ pose a great danger to the overall health and wellness of women due to the presence of toxic elements in them.


According to a study carried out at the UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health highly injurious metals such as cadmium, lead, chromium, aluminum, etc. were found in high quantities in 32 popular lipstick brands.


Can your Lipstick Damage your Health?



These dangerous metals makes you vulnerable to stomach and lung cancer.

Aluminum, manganese and chromium were found in high concentrations in all lipstick brands. Titanium oxide is added to lipsticks to soften their dark colors and get lighter shades while aluminum is added to enhance their shelf life.


FDA has approved these two metals but not the other metals found as unwanted contaminants in lipsticks.


The cosmetic companies add tiny flakes of mica with manganese, aluminum and chromium to make the lipsticks more shiny and glossy.


Another danger is the intense color of lipstick. Darker the shade, greater is the threat posed by the contagions in color pigments.

The health experts have recently issued warning against using lipsticks and have recommended using neutral lip balms instead.


Another good way is to minimize lipstick touch up to just 2-3 times a day. The children should be taught not to play with their moms’ makeup to cut down the risk of harmful metals going in their tenacious small bodies.


Well, lipsticks are surely an integral part of looking beautiful, but can they be used at the cost of your precious health?


Are they worth it? Ask yourself and use more of the neutral lip balms.



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