Amazing Pine Nuts!

Amazing Pine Nuts!


Pine nut is one of those amazing nuts that strengthen immunity and facilitates weight loss. Hard to believe but true! Pine nut is not a nut but edible seed of pine tree.


Regarded as a symbol of immortality and longevity in China, pine nut is full of health promoting properties.


Benefits of Pine Nuts

Here are listed some wonderful qualities of pine nut that you probably might not be aware of.


Appetite suppressor:

Being rich in pinolenic acid (a polyunsaturated acid), pine nut is a good hunger suppressant. The pinolenic acid is effective in inhibiting Cholecystokinin-a hormone responsible for reducing appetite.


Amazing Pine Nuts!


Eat a handful of pine nuts to make you feel full and suppress hunger, isn’t it a good way to keep your weight under control.


They are surely miracle seeds to keep you in shape and look great. Include pine nuts in your daily routine and lose those hideous kilos.


Power House of Nutrition:

Packed with vitamin K, E and niacin, pine nuts are nutritional powerhouses. They are rich sources of potassium and magnesium and are extremely healthy for your heart health. Since pine nuts are enriched with monounsaturated fats and are helpful in lowering cholesterol.


Great source of Iron:

Owing to the presence of high amount of iron, pine nuts are helpful in maintaining proper blood circulation and nerve regulation.


Packed with Antioxidants:

Antioxidants are found in high amount in pine nuts and that explains the reason why these nuts are helpful in protecting your body from harmful free radicals.


Pine nuts are also helpful in retarding the aging process.


Amazing Source of Manganese:

Due to the presence of manganese, pine nuts are capable in maintain blood sugar levels. Pine nut is also a proven remedy for sprains and inflammation. Manganese is also helpful in reducing premenstrual symptoms such as headaches, mood swings and depression.


Prevention of Eye Diseases:

Lutein is present in high amount in pine nuts. Lutein is a carotenoid or the ‘eye vitamin’-concerned with enhancing vision and health of your eyes. It lowers the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration.


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