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Aamir Praises Salman’s ‘Jai Ho’

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Salman was impressed by colleague Aamir Khan’s tweet about ‘Jai Ho’.


Looks like these stars are trying to make news by talking about each other’s forthcoming films. Well, good move Aamir!


Aamir Praises Salman’s ‘Jai Ho’



While speaking about he felt on reading Aamir’s recent tweet, Salman said, “Really? How sweet. Everyone does that and we should. I feel this is being competitive and showing love in this manner is better than the other way round.”


Sometime back Salman too have promoted Aamir’s film Dhoom-3 in Bigg Boss-7.


Isn’t it a give and take game? We hope not.


Salman further added, “You help the other person and you make sure that you try and take your level to that point. Like Aamir is trying to make sure that people come and watch ‘Jai Ho’, which is a good thing. The industry prospers.”


Oneworldnews (OWN) wishes that Bollywood stars would adopt revised professional attitude towards every film at the end of the day promote films in general.




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