In the rainy night of Delhi he came as an umbrella to rescue me: Part 2

In the rainy night of Delhi he came as an umbrella to rescue me: Part 2
Parul Srivastava

I got to know something really interesting about Akash!

Finally, our tea came. It was super hot and was a boon for us. He broke the silence and asked, “How’s work?” While sipping my tea, I replied it’s good and how’s yours? He told me that he is not happy with the raise. He was expecting more.

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Well, it was our first unofficial meeting. It was little awkward but he was trying his best to make me feel comfortable. Tea seller had put on the FM so that people on his stall can enjoy the weather. This helped us to start a conversation. We came to know that we both are a huge fan of Pancham Da. And we use to hate Maths in our school days, and some more common interests. I write blogs and I wasn’t aware that he is a regular reader. He complimented me for it and I was surprised. I mean reading doesn’t suits his personality.

He is a completely chilled out guy, who doesn’t care about the world. He is tall and his dimples are really deep (of course, it suits him too). He has a tattoo on his right hand. One can never find Akash in a serious mood. I have always seen him cracking jokes. On the other hand, I was clear about my life and I was among the serious ones.

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Our tea was over and he ordered one more cup for us. Now, I was comfortable. Till now, we were not on each other’s Facebook accounts but he knew almost everything about me. I sarcastically asked, “Are you a stalker?” He said, maybe!

He asked do you really feel I am a non –serious person. Do you feel I flirt a lot? Just tell me what you don’t like about me? (I was scared how he is able to read my mind?)

I said its nothing like that. Can we talk something else? Well, it was always him who used initiate a conversation, so this time I decided to peep little more inside his life.

I asked about his family. And what I came to know was shocking. Akash told me that his father had passed away at a very young age. He has two sisters one is married and one is younger to him. His mother works for an NGO.

He shared about his childhood struggles that how buying new clothes on every festival was a big deal for them and how he used to do a part time job along with his college.

While he was talking about all this, I saw another side of Akash. He was totally different the way he pretends in office. He was mature and a responsible guy who values commitment, time, and efforts in a relationship. I was so wrong in judging him. “You should never judge a book by its cover.” It’s true! He keeps a smile on his face because he genuinely wants to stay happy.

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I was impressed. His story inspired me. He told me that life can offer you so many things but you have to keep moving.
While listening to him I went into another world. I was completely lost in his magical voice. And then, he suddenly asked, Shruti are you alright? I said yes.

Our tea was once again over and now he ordered the third cup. It was still raining outside. Without wasting any time, he came straight to the point. He said, “You must be thinking why I am telling all this to you?”

Akash – I know that you are aware of my feelings. I was waiting for the right time. I don’t why do you want run away from the world’s most beautiful feeling. I liked you from the very first day when I saw you. When that lissome girl with big black eyes in her black ethnic dress along with a blue bag walked inside, I was just speechless. Ahhh! I can clearly recall it.

Your intelligence, elegance and especially your dedication towards your work has taken away my heart. I want know you more. I want to know everything about you. Your past, present and of course, I want to be a part of your future.

I was listening to him in confusion. I was not able understand what’s happening with me. And before, I could say anything he went down on his knees with a cup of tea and asked, “Would like to have all your morning tea with me for rest of your life?”

So many thoughts were going inside my brain. And I was not at all ready. I was nervous, excited and confused, so I decided to say ………… To be continued!

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