In the rainy night of Delhi he came as an umbrella to rescue me- Part 1

In the rainy night of Delhi he came as an umbrella to rescue me- Part 1
Parul Srivastava

Timing of Love is always unpredictable and it usually strikes when we are not ready

Well, monsoon in Delhi is celebrated like a festival by the people of this city, because summers in Delhi are really bad. And when monsoon finally hits the city, it’s like meeting your loved one after a long wait. So it was just another ordinary day of July. I was done with my work, and it was a long and tiring day. It was already 6. I wrapped up my things because I knew it could start raining anytime. I like rainy season but the mess on the roads after rain really irritates me. I said bye to all my colleagues and left the office.

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When I was heading towards main road to fetch an auto rick for INA metro station I saw “him.” As usual he was standing with his friends in the smoking zone. “He” – here is Akash(Other department colleague). He looked at me but I decided to head straight towards the road without even looking at him.

Akash and I used to work for the same organization but in different departments, so our buildings were also different. And we used to meet only in official meetings. I had this intuition that he has some sort of feelings for me, but after failing miserably in love last time, I wasn’t ready. Apart from it, his non- serious attitude was something I didn’t like. Although there was nothing special about him, but there was definitely something different.

When love knocks the door

So as I reached the main road, it started drizzling and as usual I was not carrying my umbrella. Actually, I don’t like carrying umbrella because I feel it unnecessarily increases the load of my bag.

15 minutes passed but I wasn’t able to find any auto rick, and then I saw him coming from the opposite direction on his bike. He stopped the bike and offered me lift. After taking few seconds I sat on the bike because I had no other option. As soon as we crossed the flyover it started raining heavily. Both of us were drenched by the rain.

Love conquers it all

He calmly asked, “Should we stop somewhere?” I said yes. I mean how you will drive in such a situation. There was tea stall nearby. It was fully covered. People were enjoying adharak (Ginger) special tea there. I was so wet that I was almost shivering. We decided to go there. As we sat down, I called my mom to tell her that I will get late because it was already 7:30 Pm.

He ordered two cups of tea and I was busy in making call. All of a sudden I saw he was rinsing water from his hair. He was running his fingers all across his hair. His blue shirt was all wet and he was trying to dry it. I don’t know what had happened to me but I was not able to take off my eyes from him. After few minutes, I realized he is looking at me, so I slowly took off my eyes from him and passed him a smile in embarrassment.

And then ………. To be continued

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