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5 youtube channels that can motivate ‘Ghar Ki Manager’ aka Homemaker

Let’s salute all the homemakers out there! Because of whom we never return home tired

The homemakers all over the world are the greatest support system of the family. While you chill and relax on a Sunday morning they would be probably slogging away, finding very little time for themselves amidst the holiday mood. Spend a day taking care of housework, and you will know how difficult it is to keep everything up and running. A woman who chooses to be a homemaker over anything else is actually taking on quite a difficult task. Being a homemaker you are not expected to work under a single sectorbut all the sector. Amidst all the hard work, they put in everyday binge watching youtube is one of the creative ways to keep that energy ongoing.

Here are 5 youtube channels that can motivate every homemaker:

1. Happily a Housewife

This youtube channel is run by Samantha who herself is a housewife. She, therefore, goes through all the hectic tasks that every homemaker has to go in her day to day life. Her video concerns about how to plan a day and how to make the most use of the available to do multiple things.

2. Food Wishes

This is a channel for all those who “live to eat” and loves cooking. It is full of recipes of delicious food. Since cooking is one of the major roles of housewife, over the years it gets quite boring. Food Wishes can help you to put some fresh new snacks or lunch items on your table.

3. Glamrs

This channel offers different ways to be fashionable, do exercises and so on. In this hustle and bustle of life, we often ignore the importance of dressing well. The youtube channel Glamrs will help you to get back on track. It will give you a lot of ideas about what you can do with your clothes and accessories lying around. It also gives an insight into exercises and how to remain fit.

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4. Earnest Lifestyyle

This youtube channel is run by Khushii Pathak Mishra. It focuses on child care, emotional well being, postpartum depression (which is still a taboo) and how to overcome it and live a happy and productive life. This youtube channel also offers videos related to Minimalism , low waste lifestyles which we suppose is very important as an individual to follow. Stumble upon to this Youtube for some daily motivation and you thank us later!

5. Fitness Blender

Housewives have a very hectic schedule as they have to fulfil the never-ending demands of their family. While putting so much of backbreaking labour, they often forget to take care of themselves and get prone to diseases and other health problems. To meet your fitness need do follow this channel and stay fit.

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