Your lip shape says a lot about your personality

What do your lips say about you?

Different body parts reveal different things about our personality. We all have different shape of lips. Some women have thin, large, full lips, others have round ones. But it doesn’t affect your pout (You got it right?). Generally, people do notice your lip shape as the first feature of your personality.

Different shape of lips

Full lips

Who have full lips, they value their relationship. These people are more likely to make sure that their partner is happy with them. They make more efforts in their relationship, at least at the beginning. They care for others and want to keep everyone happy.

Thin lips

Thin lips indicate that you are a perfectionist and have exacting standards. You always focus and pay attention on the details. You believe in quality more than quantity.

Wide lips

If you have wide and stretched lips, then you are lively and have a good circle of friends. As a perfectionist, you have many different interests in other fields and you are very successful and talented.

Round lips

Women with round lips are vivacious and charming. They are bold in nature and they don’t afraid of taking any risk in their life. They are self-assured and adventurous. They glow with their bright charm.



They are neither full nor thin, but medium in size. The lip size of this woman is a sign of being kind. These lips indicate a woman with an even temperament. She likes connecting people around her and believes in friendship. She gives her time to the people whom she knows well.

Heart-shaped lips

Women with such lips indicate that the woman is creative and quick-minded. She has the glamour in herself. Bow-shaped lips are expressive in voicing opinions. They grab life and take charge of the situations.

Downturned lips

Those who blessed with these lips are normally private and quiet. Women having such lips are demanding but smart. They are also highly disciplined and extremely successful.

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