Your face says a lot about your personality: Find out some secrets here!

Your face can reveal your personality

Do you know that your face is mirror to your soul? It can reveal so many aspects about your life like, your character and temperament and even your relationships and future destiny. Face reading will suggest you the immediate information about human beings. You can also start your practice by observing your friends, family members and your colleagues. Face reading gives you the institution about yourself and others’ character and behavior through an understanding of what their facial features reveal.

Beautiful Face

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Here are few tips of reading face

The origin of ‘Physiognomy’ (face reading) traces back to the date of origin of human beings. For years, People have tried to understand human’s behavior through their face reading. In the ancient Chinese prediction, they believed that ‘face is the reflection of your inner spirit’. In the ancient Europe, the beautiful face was considered with virtue and the ugly face was considered as the sign of evil.
Well, there are some more aspects of mastering the art of face reading. But the best way to learn face reading is to first learn how to recognize the different facial features and then learn how to relate them to their corresponding personality traits.

Beautiful Face

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Facial Shape:-

Round Shape Face- Round Shapes are known as water-shaped faced people. They are known to be sensitive and caring. If you are looking forward for a long-term, stable relationship, these people will prove to be the right choice. They are most likely to have a muscular or athletic physique, which some equate to narcissism and may lead to problems in relationships.

Square Shape Face – Square Shapes are known as fire and such people may appear as aggressive, ambitious or domineering. They love to work on big projects. These people have a sharp, strong bit and analytical mind.

Triangular Shape Face- Triangular Shapes are known as traditionally associated with a thin body and an intellectual persuasion. Chinese face readers associate this shape with creativity, sensitivity and fiery temperament.

Rectangular Shape Face- Rectangular Shapes are known for dominating others, but with less force, often they get their ways in politics, business or sports. They actually have a balanced approach in their life- sometimes ambitious and melancholic.

Oval Shape Face- Oval Shapes are known as somewhat balanced, sweet and charming. Oval faced women become often best artists. Sometimes it can be dangerous, but somehow they are weak, often they are weaker in physical strength and sometimes just inactive.

Heart Shape Face- Heart Shapes are known as very creative and indeed a lot of heart, and have a strong intuition. Yet, they can be a little pushy. They have incredible inner strength because they are so strong-minded.

Diamond Shape Face- Diamond Shapes people like to be in control. They communicate well and they are very detail oriented too. If you cross them the wrong way, they can also be very sharp with their words.

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