5 Psychological Signs to Decode Your Crush Also Has a Crush On You!

Here are 5 psychological ways to tell that Your Crush Also Has a Crush On You


You caught them staring at you

They defend you

They get nervous around you

Your Crush Also Has a Crush on You: We all know how frustrating it can be when you have a crush on someone but you are unsure if they like you back or not. It can be even more difficult if that person tries to hide their feelings for you and gives you mixed signals. You might think that they are just being nice, or maybe they do not like you as much as you like them.

However, what if there is a way to tell if your crush likes you but is trying not to show it?

“According to psychology, there are some signs that indicate whether or not someone likes you secretly. And even if they are good at hiding it, you will be able to tell.”

Here are 5 psychological ways to tell that Your Crush Also Has a Crush On You

You caught them staring at you

The first obvious sign that your crush likes you is when you catch them staring at you. Especially when you make eye contact with them. He or she might think that catching your eye means they have to look away, but if they keep staring at you even after a few seconds and turn away, it is a sign that they like you.

According to studies, when someone likes you, they cannot take their eyes off you. They will stare at you for longer than usual and will not feel awkward about it.

They talk about you

Studies have shown that when someone likes you, they will start talking about you more often to others. They are very curious about you and want their friends’ opinions on you. Subconsciously, the only way for them to talk about you is by creating all kinds of scenarios in their head. They will be very interested in what others have to say and will ask them different questions about you and would normally not care about what people.

They defend you

A person who likes you will defend you even if they have never met you before and would normally not care what people think of them. When someone is very defensive of your actions, it means that they feel threatened by someone else’s opinion or words towards you.

They might try to change the subject or even stop talking about it because they are afraid of what others will think if they reveal their true feelings.

They get nervous around you

One of the biggest signs that your crush likes you is when they get nervous around you. The butterflies in their stomach and being touchy can be very subtle at first, but as time passes by, they will become more noticeable. They will have an unsure tone in their voice and find different ways to talk to you even though the situation does not require it.

Moreover, as time passes by, you will notice that they always find a way to keep the conversation going and never run out of things to say.

According to psychology, when someone is nervous around you, they are most likely trying to impress you.

They follow and engage with you on social media

If your crush likes you, they will find ways to get in touch with you on social media. Even if it is just by liking the pictures of yours that they see on Instagram or retweeting one of your tweets. However, this is not always true because some people can be carried away with how public their feelings are and accidentally expose them online.

 So, do you think Your Crush Also Has a Crush On You? How many signs do they exhibit? Feel free to share with us in the comments down below. Whether you think they like you or not, it is likely worth it to ask them out to find out. Better to know you tried than have a bit of regret, not letting them know how you feel, right? So go ahead, ask them out for tacos, you got this.

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