Yogi government released Bhim Army chief, Azad Alias

Azad has been released before the termination of his jail term

The yogi Adityanath government has released the Bhim Army chief, Chandra Shekhar Azad Alias Ravan at 2:24 am today. Azad was arrested in June 2017 under National Security Act (NSA) for allegedly inciting violence in the name of atrocities against the Schedule castes (SC) in Saharanpur. The current period of NSA was to get expired on 31st October, but the Uttar Pradesh government ordered the early release of Azad on Thursday. Two of Azad’s aides whose jail term was till 14th September will also be released with Azad.

“The government was so scared of facing criticism from the Supreme Court that they decided the early release of mine to save themselves. I’m confident that they will frame some charges against me within 10 days. I will ask my people not to vote for BJP in 2019 elections. The party which promotes communal division should not come into power again.” said Azad, Bhim Army Chief. Ravan’s family including his mother and brother asserted that the outfits movement to safeguard Dalit rights would continue in UP.

However, the government denied that the decision of Azad’s pre-mature release was taken in order to prevent any adverse order by the Supreme Court or to placate Dalit for UP 2019 Lok Sabha polls.

Saharanpur Violence Case:

On May 5, Dalit group objected a procession by the Thakurs in Shabbirpur, organized to mark the birth anniversary of Rajput King Maharana Pratap. The protest triggered violence in which 1 person was killed and 15 were injured. Dalit argues that, the upper caste Thakur had earlier prevented them from placing the statute of BR Ambedkar in the premises of Ravidas temple of the region.

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