Health Benefits of Yoga Explained: A guide for beginners

How yoga can help you to beat anxiety and depression?

At present, yoga is widely adopted for physical, mental and spiritual health and peace. On 11 December 2014, the United Nations General Assembly recognized 21 June every year as World Yoga Day and 21 June 2015 as the first International Yoga Day. If yoga is made a part of life, then it also changes our attitude towards life. Life becomes boring due to stress and diseases, but yoga fills life with positive energy and freshness.

Yoga is an invaluable heritage for this world. We need authentic teachers of yoga today, who can give the right education about it and clear many misconceptions. If seen as a whole, yoga has that science and knowledge, which is the medicine of today’s diseases.

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How Yoga during a pandemic is useful?

Lockdown has been done worldwide to prevent the increasing infection of Coronavirus. The fear and lockdown of Corona have affected people uncomfortably. Due to this, problems like anxiety, fear and restlessness have been seen in people. But do you know that doing yoga can be beneficial for you in this time of lockdown?

Due to the lockdown implemented due to coronavirus infection, yoga practice can prove to be beneficial for people living at home as it helps in increasing immunity. Yoga during a pandemic gives a lot of health benefits. A large part of yoga is meditation and breathing techniques that reduce stress.

The United Nations has said, if you want to overcome anxiety and stress in this corona period, then you should include mindfulness meditation in your regular routine. People who have been treated for COVID-19 are more likely to develop mental health problems such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). You can get rid of all these problems by buying xanax online


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Do yoga at home in the midst of the coronavirus epidemic, these 5 mobile apps will come to your rescue:

Doing yoga at home can prove to be a good option because, during the coronavirus epidemic, you can keep yourself fit by taking care of social distancing. Some people may say that how to do yoga, they do not know how to start it.

So in today’s online era, these 5 mobile apps can be of use to you, so that you can do yoga properly at home and stay fit. Learning yoga is not easy because while doing it, your body has to take care of all the things in the right pose, breathing and exhaling position.

We are going to tell about 5 such mobile apps, through which you can easily practice this yoga at home. Let’s take a look:-

1. Curefit: Curefit is an app-based service provider that aims to address preventive healthcare through a combination of coaching and delivery using a mix of online and offline channels. Currently, CureFit has several offers wherein it offers strength, dance, boxing, HIIT, HRX, S&C and yoga on all days of the week. It offers 14 days free trial. Customers are allowed to watch a limited number of videos during this time for free while others charge a fee. Users have the facility to take packages of three months, six months and one year.

2. Yoga Studio: With this app, you can focus on your strength, flexibility, relief, balance and a combination of all four. You have to buy this app. There are some videos available for free while you have to pay an amount to get full access.

3. Minute Yoga: The app includes guided video instructions with demos and explanations for each of the seven practices. Videos are also available offline, so once downloaded, the app does not require an internet connection.

4. FITTR: The app offers a seamless experience on a free subscription and is an effective choice that people can make to fit in on a budget. The app has received 6,20,000 downloads to date and has over 8,00,000 members today.

5. Daily Yoga App: Here you will find step-by-step instructions for all yoga asanas. The app is available worldwide in seven languages which are English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Chinese, German, and French. This app offers you in-app purchases, but some classes are available for free.

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