World’s smallest Laptop: Sony VAIO P

Sony VAIO P is world’s smallest Laptop, take a look its feature 

Sony introduced its Sony VAIO P notebook series at CES 2009 which could be highly tricky. Its height and stunning design raced high above all its competitors.

When you look at your laptop; you would surely notice the extra space taken except the keyboard but VAIO P notebooks comes with just the keyboard and an ultrawide high-resolution screen. That’s what makes the VAIO P special and unique. It screams beauty.

The Vaio P supports five colour options that are Dove White, Glossy Black, Emerald Green, Gold, and Sangria Red. Storage could be 60GB or 80GB hard disk drive or 64GB or 128GB solid state drive depending on the model you choose. Models were updated including Windows 7 and minor CPU/SSD improvements. Its best quality surely is its size which is definitely smaller than most full screen Windows laptops.

Sony calls Sony VAIO P notebooks “pocket style PC” instead of a netbook, though it couldn’t fit in any pocket but nonetheless, it is an extremely small yet convenient laptop. Sony VAIO P could be an awful laptop despite its technically great screen. It could be too sharp sometimes.

Everything including the resolution is tiny which also symbolize that there is close to no screen space to work.

World's smallest Laptop: Sony VAIO P

Although keyboard is almost as good as an average iPad Bluetooth attachment, which is to say the least is not at all. Its little mouse nub also fails to attain anything of a ThinkPad level. Sony VAIO P could be extremely slow to the netbook standards. You’ll have to wait few seconds before text input is even registered. Being 626g and 19.8mm thick, the VAIO P’s battery lasts barely two hours.

If Sony brings back its modern technology factor, a lot more justice could be done to the concept in this age of Chromebooks and mobile devices. The screen could be more extensible and battery life would no more be an issue and ultimately lead to a fine performance. It is anyhow better than using a big phone in landscape mode.

As much as gorgeous VAIO P is, it also stands proof to Sony’s propensity for wild ambition and tragic folly.

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