World’s Organ Donation Day!

Entire world is celebrating the organ donation day.

After your deadth you can still live by donating your organs qnd that’s absolutely true.

Your one needful step can safe a life. These days people are donating their organs and saving lives and we salute those kindhearted people.

Here, are few things that you people should be aware of organ donation.


World organ day

1 What are the different types of organ donation?

  • Blood
  • Bone marrow
  • Kidney
  • Portions of liver
  • Portion of lungs
  • Portions of pancreas

Living person can donate their Eyes, Heart valves, Skin and fascia, Bones and tendons ,Cartilage Veins and arteries.

These are organs that can be donated after natural deadth Kidneys, Liver,Lungs
Pancreas ,Small intestine ,Voice box, Hands ,Uterus,Ovaries,Face, Eyes etc.

Almost 1.5 lakh people in India need a kidney but only 3000 of them receive one.

90% of people on the waiting list die without getting an organ. On this day we just want to say “Kar Ke Dekho, Accha Lagta Hai!”

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