World’s first slum museum

On Tuesday, the organizers of teeming India metropolis of Mumbai said that Mumbai will get the world’s first slum museum.



After the success of Slumdog Millionaire, slum has become a tourist attraction. The objects produces in Dharavi every year will be showcased in the museum. Dharavi is one of Asia’s biggest slums.

Spanish artist Jorge Rubio took the initiative of making a slum. He told AFP that it will be the first museum ever created in a slum.

Rubio also told that in February, the small mobile museum will open for 2 months. The mobile museum will display everything from poetry and textiles to recycled items.

The organizers said that the main motuve of creating a museum is to highlight the talent that resides in the people living in slum areas.

Dharavu consists of the people living in the maze of alleyways along with many working in the area’s mini-factories. Last year slum’s first art biennial was hosted. In 2010 Britain’s Prince Charles praised Dharavi for its recycling habits and sustainable living.

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