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World Population Day: ‘Family Planning is a Human Right’

Why do we celebrate World Population Day? Know its theme and significance

Every year we celebrate world population day on July 11.  The day seeks to focus attention on the urgency and importance of population issues.  The day is celebrated to increase awareness of various population issues such as the importance of family planning, gender equality, poverty and human rights.

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Nearly 30 years ago, the United Nations had recognized World Population Day as an annual awareness day. Notably, it was established in the year 1989.  This year the theme is, “Family Planning is a Human Right.” Despite the fact that the government has started a lot of camps, there are many who do not have access to basic needs like food, shelter,   education and one of the sole reasons behind this overpopulation.

Here are a few interesting facts that will blow your mind:

  • China has the highest population in the world and in the next three-four years, India is expected to take over.
  • The slogan for this year’s World Population Day is –Family Planning is a human right’
  • India is expected to become the world’s youngest country with 64 percent of its population in the working age by 2020.
  • Shockingly, Half of the world’s population lives in India and China
  • Do you know globally 800 women die every year due to the pregnancy-related problem and 20 percent of these women are from India?
  • Currently, 41 percent of India’s population which is under 20 years of age as compared to 24 percent that makes up a majority of the world’s young population
  • According to the estimate of the UN, the world’s population might be as high as 17 billion or as low as 7 billion.

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