World Sleep Day: How Well Do You Know Your Sleep? Why Sound Sleep is Important?

Regular Sleep, Healthy Future: This slogan for World Sleep Day 2021


Regular Sleep, Healthy Future, this time, the World Sleep Day is to be with this moto. World Sleep Day 2021 aims to call for the advocacy of all sleep professionals to educate the world about the importance of sleep for achieving quality of life and health. The common idea behind World Sleep Day is to create awareness about healthy sleep, and sleep disorders.

Well, to begin with, we did an Instagram poll through One World News’ Instagram, testing people’s self-awareness about sleep. Around 400 people participated in the polls and here are the results.

Q1. How many hours of sleep is necessary for an adult?

Around 18% of adults find 5-6 hours sleep as necessary while around 6% found 4-5 hours sleep as decent sleep.

Q2. Doesn’t it really matter, when you sleep as long as you sleep enough hours?

20% marked that the time of sleep doesn’t really matter.

Q3. Does your brain shut down during sleep?

37% marked that their brain shuts completely when they sleep while 63% affirmed for ‘No’.

Q4. Do you sometimes find sleeping, a waste of time?

34% find sleeping a waste of time.

Well, the answers we received are worth stressing upon as there is a discrepancy between how sleep is and what people know about it.

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How much sleep do we need?

According to Sleep Foundation’s Report, different age groups have different needs of sleep, while children and teens need to sleep more, an adult should ideally have at least 7-9 hours of sound sleep. It was saddening that 18% of adults out of 400 found only 5-6 hours sleep as necessary and 6% even identified just 4-5 hours as decent sleep.

Does at what time you are sleeping really matter as long as you are sleeping enough hours

There are several studies that reflect that time of sleep does matter, and it is generally best to sleep during the darker hours of the day. Sleeping at night helps in the alignment of the body’s circadian rhythm with the environment. And proper circadian timing is important for the cardiovascular functioning of the body. The fact that 20% found this to not be the case is again shocking.

Does your brain shut down during sleep?

Well, the brain remains active during sleep, and its level of activity depends on the stage of sleep. In the Rapid Eye Movement stage of sleep, the brain certainly ramps up to a level that is similar to when we are not sleeping. 37% of people marked that the brain is not working during sleep but the fact is that it does.

Finding sleeping as a waste of time, and bragging about not sleeping

The last question we asked was do you sometimes find sleeping, a waste of time, and we were certainly excited to know the answer to this one. 34% of people said that they do find sleeping a waste of time. It is saddening to find this result. Along with this poll, we had put an open-ended question asking about the times when they felt so. The common answers that we received are –

– During exams when they are to study
– While they have extra work on their table
– Doom Scrolling

It is not pleasing at least to find out that people are identifying sleeping as a ‘Waste of time’ and another disappointing factor that we identified is there is a section that finds ‘not sleeping’ as something to brag about. People often say that they can work at night because they don’t get sleep, or don’t like sleeping, or can just manage to not sleep. And of course, not being able to sleep is a medical condition of sleeping disorders, which needs special care and is not really something to brag about.

To conclude, sleep is one of the most essential parts of life and is necessary for the regular and healthy functioning of the body. The very idea of not embracing sleeping, or bragging about not sleeping is absolutely not helpful. The aim of this World Sleep Day is to certainly create awareness about healthy sleeping habits as it says, ‘Regular Sleep, Healthy Future’.

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