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World Population Day 2020: What does it mean to be an over populous country? 

India to become world ‘s most populated country by 2025: Understand what’s coming our way?

World Population Day is celebrated on every 11th July to highlight the problems of overpopulation and raise awareness about the effects overpopulation can cause on the livelihood of people by affecting the development and the environment.

The global population stands at more than 7.7 billion currently in which India’s population accounts for more than 1.3 billion. The numbers are scary but what scares us most is that we are all suited up to evict China by 2025 and become the most populous country in the world. The World Population Data Sheet has predicted this amazing feat for India. This is probably one of the biggest concerns for India as more population means more pollution, habitat loss and more contribution to Global Warming. Apart from this, too much population has adverse health effects like – increased risk of infection, increased risk of respiratory problems, waterborne diseases and skin diseases.

Why it is important to talk about Family Planning? 

Family planning is very important to control the population of a country. But family planning is an untouched subject in our country. Trends of the increasing population have not changed even after 69 years of implementation of the National Family Planning Program. Reports say that males show lesser application in family planning than females. As per the National Family Health Survey (2015-2016) data, this is probably one of the reasons why vasectomy is one of the lowest preferred ways of contraception in India.

The data released by Health Ministry says that vasectomies fell to 73 per cent and use of condoms declined by 52 per in the last 8 years. Apart from this, there are various challenges that our country faces at the grass-root levels when it comes to controlling population.

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Condom and talking about sex should not considered shame, but how often we talk about it? If someone does he or she is judged on his /her moral values . Talking about, rural India is far away from these discussions. Here are a few problems that people face!

1. Lack of awareness:  Literacy level is low in India, which creates a block in knowing the importance of family planning. Women sterilization is increasing but male vasectomy is still a concern in India. Many people in rural areas believe that more the number of sons they will have, more income they could bring into family in the future.

2. Women are denied the right to choose: In a sexual relationship, females still lack the decision power to negotiate and choose if they want to get pregnant or wish to give birth to a baby whether it is a girl or a boy. This is a major problem in the lower section of society.

3. Pressure from family to have a son

We might be the fifth most-largest economy in the world and we might have reached Mars but India’s patriarchal society still wants more boy child than girls. Many times women are forced to beget a male progeny. This process makes women become pregnant multiple times and produce many children until a male-child takes birth. Also, when a woman fails to give birth to a son, she is considered a disgrace to the family.

4. No strong policy against population control:

China was able to control its population because of a strong policy but in India we lack a strong policy which caps the numbers of kids a couple can produce. Many people have been long demanding the need for Population Control Law and often a Twitter trend related to this can be observed.

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