World Photography Day: Dedicated to all those who give voice to pictures!

People Who Capture The Time In Their Lenses: Happy World Photography Day

19th August marks World Photography Day. On this day, we celebrate the essence of pictures. Pictures are really important in our life. One old picture can make you relive a lot of past good moments. We all like to capture moments, right? Imagine, you are wearing a red dress along with your favorite earrings, or maybe you are sitting near a lake watching fishes doing struggle. How will you capture all this? Of course, you will click a lot of snaps and that’s why we celebrate World Photography Day.

19th Aug ; World Photography Day

Photography is an art of drawing with lights and the result of combining several techniques and discoveries. It is basically the form of representing the thoughts of mind through the lens.

Photography is not just a word which represents the pictures but it is the way to revolutionize the world through lens.

Photography and Photographers are on hype these days. Previously photography was not considered as a profession, but these days students are inclining more towards this field and actually, doing wonders through their creativity and lens. These days many professional photographers doing efforts to promote photography on a large scale and it actually works. So, if you are interested in making a career in this field, go ahead and weave the world with your creativity and lens.

World through the lense

So, if you are reading this article and have a photographer friend, take a moment to thank your photographer friend to make you look nice through the camera lens and thank them for those 100 pictures of yours which makes your day or for that one display picture on your facebook profile.

Photography as a profession is still considered as a low -status job in many countries, Let’s take the pledge of not rate any profession or work.

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