World NO Tobacco Day 2019: Your Loved Ones want you more than you want Cigarettes, quit it!

World No Tobacco Day 2019:  Theme & Message for this year

Every May 31 marks World No Tobacco Day. It is celebrated to create awareness about the harmful effects of Tobacco use and second- hand smoke exposure. Every Year World Health Organisation comes up with some new themes to create awareness about the harmful effects of Tobacco.  But the truth is that it’s hard to give up something as addictive as tobacco. Honestly, everybody in this World is aware of the bad effects of Tobacco on health. Still, people make it a deliberate choice.

It is important to quit smoking because your family and friends need you. It’s time to choose a healthy lifestyle for yourself. If you have finally realized the Perils of Smoking, then here a few tips that can help you to give it up. (Mind you it is important to prepare yourself mentally).

The theme of World No Tobacco Day 2019

The World No Tobacco Day 2019 will focus on the adverse impact of Tobacco on People’s health.  Smoking can cause lung cancer, chronic respiratory disease. Not only this, but it can also create havoc on your mental and Physical Health.  But Don’t Worry, It’s never too late!

If you have finally decided to quit Smoking, here a few tips that will come handy:

1. List down all the reasons why do you want to quit smoking.

2. Pick a day in the calendar and make it your Quit Day. Do not choose a day too far in the calendar because that will give you time to change your mind

3. If you want you can even choose a special day like an anniversary or even Birthday to make it a special and big day

4. Once you decide the Quit Day. Share it with your friends and family for the extra motivation

5. Tobacco contains nicotine, it is a highly –addictive ingredient that makes you crave cigarettes. Withdrawing from it can cause unpleasant symptoms in the body. In that case, Nicotine Replacement Therapy might come handy.

Important Note:  To Make the Process quick and easy, you can even seek behavioural and supportive therapies to stay smoke –Free.  

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