World Music Day: Music comes handy when you run out of words!

 On this World Music Day, While Yoga aligns your chakras, let the music feed your soul


  • Fête de la Musique: World Music Day
  • Feel the music! Brief History of Indian Rock music

 Any guesses what is special today? Yeah, exactly it is International Yoga Day, but there is another occasion as well which is celebrated on this day. It is Fete de la Musique, or you can just say World Music Day.

Nothing can be more soothing than listening to your favourite songs. It always just gets right into your head and body, and sometimes it takes you on a journey to a faraway place and time, where you can go down the memory lane and relive the nostalgia. Music leaves such a powerful impact on our souls. With every beat and rhythm, we meet those people in our memory who are no longer with us.

Fête de la Musique: World Music Day

Everyone has their favourite song, which lifts them up from depression, worry, and sadness. World Music Day celebrates music in all its forms and the kind of impact it has on the human spirit. June 21 is marked as World Music Day to keep the importance of music in everyone’s life. Music is a way to bridge various cultures, genres, and traditions.

World Music Day
World Music Day

The day is also known by another name, “Fete de la Musique,” after a music festival held in France in 1982. The then French Minister of Culture, Jack Lang, carried the idea forward, and the day came to be known as World Music Day.

The day shed light on the importance of music and how it helps people connect across borders. Various musicians perform for free and showcase the power of music on this day.

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Aspiring singers and young players mesmerize listeners by playing their instruments in public or recreational areas. It has slowly become a part of pop culture. Over 32 countries celebrate this day in their own way.

Feel the music! Brief History of Indian Rock music

Let us tell you about Rock culture. It is not new for India. When the world was listening to The Beatles and The Rolling stones in the 60s, Indian Rock rolled into the picture with the Raga-Rock, a style of music that involves the fusion of western with Indian music.

Earlier, bands playing rock music in India were called ad Beat Groups. In the 60s and early 70s, bands like the Thunderbirds, Mystics, Beat-X, and Flintstone made their mark in this genre.

Singers like Ashwani Bali and Usha Uthup are known for their covers. Even today, rock music is famous among youngsters.

Music not only is a source of entertainment, but it is a healthy exercise for the brain and soul as well. It consumes people, their cultures, and their personal self.

It is a reflection of what one thinks. Stevie Wonder, an American singer, and Songwriter, say: “Music, at its essence, is what gives us memories. And the longer a song has existed in our lives, the more memories we have of it.”

While we all are very well aware of the extraordinary benefits of yoga, it would not harm much to grab some attention away from Yoga Day and look back to the exciting history of music in India.

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