World Milk Day: 7 reasons why it’s an ultimate drink!

Here is why you should drink milk regularly

Yesterday, we all celebrated World No Tobacco Day. So have you decided to quit it? So if you have yet not taken the pledge to quit it, take a pledge. Well, today is World Milk Day, which is another pledge taking day. World Milk Day is an actual day, and not something your mum has made up to get you to drink more milk. This day is an official thing since 2001, when the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations selected June 1 as the day to celebrate the important contribution of the dairy sector to sustainability, economic development, livelihoods and nutrition.

Representative Image
Representative Image

Milk is the ultimate drink that keeps you fit and healthy. Now, not only apple but milk too will keep doctor away.

Here, are following reasons that why you should make milk your best friend:

1. Good and healthy for you

The benefits are milk are absolutely endless, and your mum is right all along when she said that you needed milk for strong teeth, healthy bones, muscle grow. It gives you glowing skin as well.

2. Easily accessible everywhere

Have you ever been to a supermarket, food place, wine place or general place where people are, and you can’t find milk? No, because it is everywhere. From villages to metropolitan cities milk is a king for everything.

3. Lasts for while

Hello long life milk, come and get cosy in my fridge for me. None of this short life business when it comes to milk; it’s there for the long haul in your fridge.

Milk Shake
Milk Shake

4. So many types

Milk is inclusive, it is kind and it recognizes that some of us have allergies, so it stepped up its game with a range of different styles. There is goat’s milk, there is soya milk (which by the way, have you seen all those different flavours?), there is lactose-free and even almond milk. If you hate milk then add flavours.

5. It can be delicious too

Milk is not a drink to hate. Guys it’s tasty. It is refreshing, creamy and above all, gives you one of those cute milk moustaches.

6. Another potential use if milk is Milkshakes

If you hate milk then try different milkshakes. You will surely gonna love it. Thank you milk for being the basis for one of the greatest desserts aka Millkshake.

7. Freakshakes

Of course, we could not be content with using just milk for milkshakes, and we had to up our dessert game with freakshakes. Freakshakes prove that there is nothing in this world that milk does not go well with. It go great with ice cream, whipped cream, doughnuts, chocolate and all other delicious things that get chucked into the freakshake.

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