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World Heart Day: Why are young Indians dying due to heart attack, know from experts!

World Heart Day: Shocking!  Deaths due to heart attack ups by 53 % in 5 years, important facts that you should know


  • September 29 marks World Heart Day
  • Why young Indians are dying due to heart attack, experts share some important details
  • What are the symptoms and how can you keep your heart healthy?

Every year 29 September is celebrated as World Heart Day. It is celebrated to make people aware of heart diseases and strokes. Notably, heart stroke is one of the leading causes of death currently all across the globe. It claims 18.6 million lives every year.  World Heart Day highlights the actions that individuals can take to prevent heart strokes/attacks. World heart day 2022 is – Increasing awareness of cardiovascular diseases and how to control them to negate their global impact.

Talking about India, we have seen a lot of deaths recently due to heart attacks, especially young Indians who are suffering from it. Be it Sidharth Shukla, Singer KK, Raju Srivastava to even Mandira Bedi’s husband Raj Kaushal, India has witnessed many young deaths due to heart stroke. According to a report, the number of people killed in heart attacks has been increasing since 2014.

Data shows that deaths due to heart attacks have increased by 53%. Heart attacks have become leading causes of deaths in India. A large number of heart attacks happen to people between 30 and 69 years and nearly 30 percent heart attacks come suddenly, according to experts.  The data shows risk is not just limited to urban population, people in rural areas are

The question is – why are young Indians dying due to heart attack? Is it our lifestyle, work stress or unhealthy eating habits? To get our questions answered we decided to reach out to health experts.

According to doctors and health experts, high blood pressure is driving the increase in IHD deaths. In young males, smoking plays an outsize role.  Apart from it, the change in lifestyle is another major contributing factor to heart strokes.  Stressful work life and unhealthy eating habits can also increase the chances of heart attack.

Can extreme exercise lead to heart attack?

Another important question that pops in our mind is how a fitness freak can die due to heart attack. Someone who is vigilant of his and her diet and works out every day cannot suffer a heart attack, right? But that’s not true. Experts say that walking and moderate exercise is the best prescription for good mental and physical health but chronic and extreme heart training can lead to heart damage. People with genetic issues are always at a higher risk.

research has found evidence that high intensity exercise can increase the chance of sudden cardiac arrest or cardiac death in individuals with underlying cardiac arrest.

What are the symptoms of heart attack and what should be done first?

There are a few common symptoms of heart attack that everyone should know. Pain in jaw, neck or back, pain in chest, discomfort in both arms and legs and shortness of breath. These are a few early signs of a heart attack. The first thing to do while someone is suffering from a heart attack, call the ambulance.  A heart attack can be serious.  But before that, calm down the person and let them lie down. Do not put pressure on the chest.

How can one keep their heart healthy?

To reduce the chances of heart attack, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Be it taking work from home to even quit smoking.  For a healthy heart, a few lifestyle changes can make a huge difference.

  1. It is important to manage stress. Meditate every day for atleast 10 minutes or indulge in some physical exercise.  A 10 minute walk everyday can keep your heart healthy.
  2. Drink in moderation: The alcohol intake should be in moderation.
  3. Always opt for a healthy diet plan and so say no to junk food.
  4. Manage your weight
  5. Finally, try to be generally happy and do things that make you feel happy.

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