World Health Day Special: 7 ways to keep yourself healthy!

Keep the illness at Bay! Never compromise on your health

World Health Day Special: So today is World Health Day, and guys it’s time to discuss why it is very important to take care of your health. The occasion of World Health Day 2022 , it is time to make up your mind on staying healthy and fit. Today, most of the Indians ignore our health and which leads to multiple problems in our later life. Even young people are developing various psychological and physical diseases. If you want to follow a healthy lifestyle, we would advise you to follow few things.

Stay fit and healthy

One of the most important things to keep in mind to stay healthy is to filter your drinking water before consumption. On the other hand, you should also take good care of the foods you consume. Eating street food is dangerous and can cause a lot of problems which leads to infections in the stomach and digestive system affecting the intestines. So, avoid eating it.

For those whose home is India, this summer is going to get a lot worse, so it is necessary to intake a lot of fluids and water-based foods to keep the body hydrated. You should also avoid stepping out into the sun from 1 pm to 3 pm as this is the time when the sun rays are very powerful and can affect your health. Likewise, here are a few more tips to stay healthy in an Indian climate; it is time to add them to your daily routine

1.Purify your drinking water: This is very important. A lot of infections are caused due to consumption of polluted water. It is important to purify drinking water before consumption. Purifying the drinking water will help to kill the harmful bacteria and thus prevent water-borne diseases in summer. Boil your water.

2. Ear Light Food in summer: Eating light in the summer season is necessary as it helps in keeping you active and fit. You should also reduce the intake of spicy food too as the ingredients will not do well on the tummy. Keep your stomach cool. Have cucumber, watermelon at the maximum amount.

3. Stick to water-based food: The only best way to stay hydrated in the summer is to include a lot of water-based foods in your diet. Best way to keep yourself hydrated.  Foods like watermelon and muskmelon will help to increase the water content in the body thus helping to keep the metabolism and immunity up.

Eat Healthy

4.Stay under fan: It actually works.As much as you can, try to keep the body cool in the summer. When the temperature increases outside, it is best to stay indoors under the fan.

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5.Have maximum cold baths: Indulge in cool baths this summer. Cold water baths will help to decrease the body heat as well as help to keep your energy levels high. Cool baths also prevent excessive sweating. Cold baths keep you cool.

6.Treat even the simplest fever: Summer fevers should not be ignored. If you have a fever accompanied with body pain, it should be checked. Visit the nearest hospital and get in touch with a general physician. Summer fever can have various reasons so always take an advice from your doctor.

7.Don’t go crazy for street food: Street food in India is something you should not miss to try. However, you should be wise in selecting the street food venues, especially in the summer. Visit only those carts that sell fast moving foods and which seem to be crowded. Try to minimize its intake.

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