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Women Equality Day: 5 women who proved their mettle fighting against all odds

Know stories of 5 women that will inspire every young ladies!

On 26th August every year, we celebrate the Women Equality Day to commemorate the passage of the 19th Amendment in the US that provides equal rights to women. This included the right to vote for which females fought for years. There are so many wonderful, inspiring, courageous, intelligent and hard-working women who fought against all odds to become successful. While we celebrate this wonderful day for equality for women, let’s look at 5 women who proved their mettle fighting against all odds.

Laxmi Agarwal

Laxmi Agarwal was just 15 when she fought a brutal crime and acid attack because she reportedly denied marrying her friend’s brother. Her pain cannot be imagined by us who have not been at receiving end. When we say pain, it does not just mean the physical but also the mental pain of the situation when society questioned her upbringing rather than being empathetic towards her. She was so devasted that for a moment she thought of suicide but stopped at the thought of her parents. She underwent several face surgeries and later completed her Diploma. Today, she is inspiring millions and helping other acid-attack survivors by giving medical aid integrating them in the society. She runs Chhanv Foundation that counsels patients and encourages the public to donate skin.

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Sunita Tomar

Sunita Tomar, the poster girl of the anti-tobacco campaign in India hails from a small town in Madhya Pradesh. She was married at the age of 14 and soon became the mother of two kids. Due to chewing tobacco, she developed oral cancer. Sunita was chosen to participate in a Public Service Announcement to create awareness. She agreed to participate despite going through terrible pain rigorous treatment she was going through. Although she lost the battle to cancer but she has inspired many to not consume the deadly tobacco.

Sunitha Krishnan

Sunitha Krishnan is giving courage, encouragement and voice to girls and women who have been prey to the heinous crime of rape. Sunita herself survived the crime when she was gang-raped by eight gruesome men when she was in teenage. She channelled all the frustration and anger into saving other women from the horrendous crime and helping who are surviving it. Krishnan co-founded Prajwala, an organization dedicated to rescuing girls from sex-trafficking rackets, red-light areas and uplifts rape survivors like her.

Usha Chaumar

Usha Chaumar who hails from Alwar, Rajasthan, was married at the age of just 10 and was forced into manual scavenging. Sulabh International, an NGO rescued and rehabilitated her. Presently, she leads a group os rescued manual scavenger at the NGO and works there by producing pickles, papad and other eatables.  Apart from her practical achievements, she claimed dignity and is now a role model for many young women. She was invited to interact with then-President Pratibha Devi Singh Patil. Usha was also invited at the British University to deliver a talk on Sanitation and Women’s Rights in India.

Arunima Sinha

Arunuma Sinha had to have her legs amputated after she was thrown out of a moving train by some thieves in 2011. Once a national level volleyball player, she became the first women amputee in the world and the first amputee of India to climb the Mount Everest. Her strong will to succeed is an example for many young ladies of how to fight against all odds and become successful.

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  1. Happy women’s equality day! I read all stories, it’s very painful. I just pray these things will improve the situation.

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