7 pictures from across the world that show the new normal amid COVID-19

With relaxations coming into effect in many countries, shops are opening with new normal

COVID-19 created havoc across the globe as more than 3, 29,500 people have lost their lives so far. There was a time few days back when more than half of the population was under lockdown. Who could have imagined that a time will come when we will be stuck in our homes for more than 2 months? But the novel coronavirus made it happen. Billions were compelled to work from home. Millions lost their jobs including the migrant workers in India. But after 4 months of coronavirus attack, we the humans have made COVID-19 preventative measures a part of our lives. The definition of normal has changed and we have started living with the new normal. Today, we will take a look at 7 pictures from across the world that shows the new normal amid COVID-19.

1. A three-star restaurant in Michelin in Virginia has placed mannequins clad in fancy dress  s guests on various tables inside their restaurant. The goal is to make people feel that they are not lonely even though they will be social distancing and sitting with other people at a fair distance.

2. Cafes and Restaurants in Spain have installed glass partitions to help the customers converse while maintaining the social distancing norms of government.

3. A restaurant named Fish Tales in USA has introduced ‘bumper tables’ to help people in practicing the social distancing norms while eating and talking in an outdoor setting.

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4. A primary school in the Netherlands is using partition boards made up of Plexiglas between two children attending the school to maintain a proper distance.

5. Various cafes in Thailand are using a pulley system to serve beverages to their customers.

6. We are waiting for salons to re-open in India so that we could look ourselves again. Meanwhile, a salon in Houston, Texas is using dividers to separate the people while cutting or washing their hair.


A restaurant in Bangkok has set up plastic partitions and cubicles (like offices) in between people to contain the spread of COVID-19.

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