World Cup 2019: ICC chief explains why reserve days can’t be kept for group matches in World Cup 2019


While people are fuming over wash-out game of India and New Zealand, ICC chief has cleared why reserved days can’t be kept for group matches

When the fourth match in the World Cup 2019 finished with no result, people have expressed their anger and concern on the ongoing World Cup 2019. India vs New Zealand match was totally washed out because of the heavy rain and both the teams had to settle with one point each.

David Richardson, ICC Chief said, it will take a lot to keep reserve days for every group matches

ICC Chief David Richardson had earlier said that keeping a reserve day for group matches is difficult to deliver. He said there are many things which will get affected if we keep a reserve day for every match. He said, “It will make the tournament long. Lots of things are taken under consideration like accommodation, pitch preparation, venue availability, volunteers and match official availability, tournament staffing, broadcast logistics, and the spectators”.

He also added that there is n guarantee that there will be no rain on reserve day. Approx 1200 staffs work on the match day to deliver a match including broadcasting.  Keeping a reserve day for every group match will significantly increase the required number of staffs.

We have already seen 4 abandoned games against in World Cup

We are not even 15 days into tournament and we have seen 4 washed out games already.  The previous most number of washed out games are 2 each in 1992 (Australia) and 2003 (South Africa).

ICC is facing the criticism from all over for scheduling the World Cup in England at this time. Cricket legends, experts, and spectators have shown their resent. But twitter never fails us to impress with hilarious memes and reactions. Here are some of them:

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