World Cup 2019: Can Pakistan reach into World Cup Semi-Finals

Ankit Kumar
World Cup
Pakistani players after winning the match

Pakistan will play Bangladesh on 5th May in 43rd match of World Cup

England Defeated New Zealand in a one-sided game by 119 runs and booked their slot for a semifinal spot of World Cup. We have the top three teams now and the fight for 4th is about alive. Pakistan will have to do impossible to make into semifinals. New Zealand is almost through unless Pakistan does something unthinkable against Bangladesh on Friday.

Equation on what Pakistan needs to do to reach Semi-finals of World Cup

New Zealand (4th Position) has currently 11 points, their net run-rate is +0.175 and they played all 9 matches in the group stage. Pakistan (5th Position) has 9 points with -0.792 in 8 matches. To get into top four Pakistan has to win the last game and increase their run-rate.  If they lose the match or chase, they will not be able to reach semifinals. The Pakistani team needs to defeat Bangladesh by 311 runs if they score 350 batting first or by 316 runs if they score 400 or beat them by 321 runs if they score 450.

Teams              Matches     Won          Lost           NR            Pts            NRR

Australia              8              7              1              0              14           +1.000

India                   8              6               1             1              13           +0.811

England               9              6              3              0              12           +1.152

New Zealand        9              5              3              1              11           +0.175

Pakistan              8              4               3              1              9              -0.792

Sri Lanka             8              3              3              2              8              -0.934

Bangladesh          8              3              4              1              7              -0.195

South Africa         8              2              5              1              5              -0.080

West Indies         8               1              6              1              3              -0.335

Afghanistan         8              0              8               0              0              -1.418

Defeating Bangladesh itself is a big task and defeating them by the big margin is almost impossible.

As the numbers suggest it is nearly impossible for Pakistan to reach semifinals. The new Bangladesh team is a strong team which has given some remarkable performances in this World Cup. It would take a lot to defeat the Bangladeshi team who has constantly scored about 300 runs in this World Cup. Defeating them itself is a big task and defeating them by the big margin is almost impossible.

However, Pakistan would want to end the World Cup campaign with a win and go back home with some achievement.

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Number 1 side will play with number 4 and number 2 will play 3 in semifinals of World Cup

The number side on the points table will play the number 4 team and number 2 side will play the number 3 side. If Australia wins their last game or India loses their last match Australia will be on top so they will fight New Zealand in the semifinals. If India wins the last game against Sri Lanka and Australia loses their last game against South Africa then India will play against New Zealand.

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