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World Braille Day-4th January


Every year 4th January is celebrated as World Braille Day across the globe.


The day marks the birthday of Louis Braille-the man responsible for inventing the language for the blind-the Braille.


The language helps the blind and empowers them to read and write.


World Braille Day


Louis Braille was a Frenchman and at the tender age of 3 years became blind due to an accident. He was a sharp kid in the school and despite his inability to read he formulated the Braille language consisting of raised dots and symbols. A feat that, made reading and writing possible for the blind people.


The celebration of the World Braille Day is an attempt to pay tribute to the noble efforts of Louis Braille. The day is very important for the blind all over the world.


Many NGOs and other organizations organize events and programs for the blind people or rather visually challenged people. Special programs are held to raise awareness about the latest technologies entering the field of Braille language.




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