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World Blood Donor Day:  The ‘bottle of red’ has saved lives, be an angel for survivors by donating blood

If not for someone else, donate blood for yourself as it has many benefits

World Blood Donor Day is being celebrated on 14th June this year too, however, the motive of the special day might get disturbed this year because of coronavirus. Blood donation camps are staged at various locations where healthy people go and donate blood. This year it would be difficult to attract donors as people are not coming out unnecessarily due to the global pandemic. Although it is very necessary for healthy people to donate blood, the donor would not be able to know about the camp if he/she is not getting out.

We talked to Chetan Manchegowda, Founder of Khoon, a blood donation related NGO which asks volunteers to donate blood and then avails the blood to the needy patients. Chetan also believed that this year it would be difficult to lure in blood. “In India, 95 percent of blood collection happens at donation camps. If they are postponed or cancelled, blood banks don’t have sufficient stock to meet the requirement. More donors need to come forward and register themselves so that patients face fewer issues. Especially c patients, accident cases, surgery patients where transfusions can’t be postponed – pandemic or not, these situations need immediate attention. If people don’t come forward, it can risk a lot of lives. It’s completely safe, COVID-19 does not spread through blood donation. We are making sure safety measures are followed in blood banks. I’d like to request this World Blood Donor Day, come forward and donate blood at your nearest blood bank or call us on 1800 890 6465 and Save Lives,” he said.

Why is Blood Donor Day celebrated?

India witnesses the largest shortage of blood across the world. We fall short by almost 41 millions units of blood every year. Unavailability of blood can lead to deaths and that’s why Blood Donor Day is celebrated to encourage people to donate blood so that lives could be saved. The World Health Organization started this World Blood Donation Day every year so that there is one dedicated day when people will come out of their houses to donate blood. Blood can be required in any case- be it surgery, injury or fatal disease.

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If not for others donate blood for yourself

There is a myth about donating blood in India, people think that they will become weak after donating it. Come on! We are not in the 90s anymore, we all have access to high-speed internet. Google it! You will know that donating blood is actually very helpful for our body. If you don’t want to donate blood for someone else then donate blood for yourself as it will improve your health other than saving someone’s life. Any healthy person who donates blood should not have diseases like HIV, Hepatitis B, and C. Also, the person must have enough iron in the body before donating.

Benefits of Blood donation

  • It reduces risk of developing cancer
  • It lowers the risk of liver damage
  • Blood donation improves cardiovascular health
  • Helps in controlling weight
  • It helps in smooth blood transmission

While you are caught into the dilemma of donating blood, read this heart-touching letter by one of our employees.

“Thank you, Angel”

We don’t know the people who donated blood, but those 5 bottles saved my sister’s life. Blood doesn’t know religion, gender or caste – It puts Humanity above all.

This I want to share not because you are strong, but you deserve applause. Basically, it was December 2017, when she was diagnosed with Menorrhagia. Before that, we thought that it might be a hormonal imbalance and the condition would eventually improve. But it didn’t. She is the youngest member of our family, the spoiled brat, the talkative one and the one who brings joy in every moment of our lives. Her condition was critical. Only ” we” ( family) know how we fought with that tough time. Her haemoglobin had reached 2.6. There was no day and night for us. The only thing that was in our mind was to save her life. Today, she has fully recovered, and I would like to appreciate my girl for not losing hope and for not giving up.

It’s been a wonderful year for you-  health-wise. May you always remain in the pink of your health.

Ps: For every girl, excessive bleeding during periods is not normal (more than 5 days). Please don’t feel shy talking about it. You can land up in a dangerous situation if you will not talk about it. Also, I would like to thank each and everyone who was there for Radhika Srivastav!”

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