World AIDS Day 2018: Say yes to ‘Safe Sex’

Parul Srivastava

World AIDS Day 2018: Everything you need to know 

December 1st marks the 30th anniversary of  World’s AIDS day. The day came into effect in the year 1987. World AIDS Day is celebrated to spread awareness and eradicating the stigma attached to the disease. The day was founded by  James W Bunn and Thomas Netter. The main purpose behind celebrating this is to educate people about HIV: on how to avoid catching the illness and breaking stereotypes associated with the disease. The theme of World AIDS Day 2018 is – ‘Know your Status.’ 



Each year, the campaign has a specific theme. Last year, the theme of the day was “My Health, My Right”. The aim of this year is to drive people all across the world, to get them tested.  According to reports, only 75 % of people living with HIV are aware of their status, meaning that 9.4 million people are not aware of their status as they haven’t been tested.

In India, despite tremendous progress, the AIDS epidemic is not yet over, as per the Indian Council of Medical Research. The numbers of AIDS patients are declining but there is a long way to go. AIDS was first recognized as an illness in the year 1984. One of the main causes of AIDS is – Unprotected sex.

HIV and AIDS: What is the connection?

Having HIV doesn’t necessarily mean that someone will develop AIDS.  To develop AIDS, a person has to have contracted HIV.

There are three stages of HIV

Stage 1: Acute stage, the first few weeks after transmission s

Stage 2: Clinical Latency or chronic stage

Stage 3: AIDS

Notably, HIV lowers the CD4 cell count, the immune system weakens. A typical adult’s CD4 count is 500 to 1500 per cubic millimeter. If a person’s CD4 is below 200. He or she is considered to have AIDS. How quickly a case of HIV progresses through the chronic stages varies from person to person.  Technically, there is no cure for AIDS.  HIV and AIDS are related but they are not the same thing.

How is HIV transmitted? Know the facts

  • Blood
  • Semen
  • Vaginal and rectal fluids
  • Breast Milk

It is important to say no Unprotected Sex. Make sure to use a condom while having sex.

Notably, HIV is not spread from shaking hands, hugging, air or water. Sharing food or drinking water. So, one should be discriminated and the patients should be respected.

World AIDS Day 2018: Do not forget to know your status.

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