World After Coronavirus, 5 things to change permanently after this Pandemic

After COVID 19 outbreak ‘Kuch cheeze hamesha ke liye badal jayengi’

The outbreak of COVID 19 has brought all the supreme powers in this world on its knees. The Pandemic has hit Italy very badly. Despite being on number 2 in healthcare services, it is not able to save lives. People there are feeling helpless. To avoid the similar situation in the densely populated country like India, the government is taking all necessary precautions. Almost every state in India is on lockdown. Government is leaving no stone unturned in telling people to stay at home. At many places, curfew has been imposed.
Notably, there are 492 confirmed cases in India and to stop the further spread of this virus, all the necessary precautions are being taken. Prime Minister of India is appealing from people to stay at home because ‘Jaan hai toh Jahan hai’. No doubt, this lockdown will land many people in losses. Indian economy will suffer a lot and there would dent on everybody’s pocket. But wait? We should keep one thing in mind that we are together in this.  Let us fight together and defeat Corona. Let us be responsible and educate others too to be at home.
Meanwhile, we have got you a list of 5 things that will permanently change after this pandemic is over!
Take a look here: 

1. Namaste could become new greeting symbol all across the world: 

Namaste can become new greeting symbol all across the world. As people will be scared to shake hand with others for a very – very long time.

2. It will make Relationships meaningful: 

People are spending time with their families. In this difficult situation, they are standing together. People are getting time to know each other. Thus, it will build a society which will have more meaningful relationships.

3. Authorities will understand how important it is to invest in healthcare, maybe? 

It is very important to understand. During this pandemic, we all have realised that it is very important to invest in healthcare facilities as a society and as an individual too.

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4. We humans will get a lesson that when to stop: 

We were heading towards a society which was full of selfish thoughts. As they say “Sirf matlab ki Duniya”. Now, atleast we will know and understand when to stop.

5. To some extent we will understand meaning of co- exist 

Earth is meant to be shared and we humans have came a long way from that idea. We don’t understand the word co- exist. Might be this pandemic will make us understand that co – exist is important.
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