Workplace Ethics: Learn how to handle these 5 sticky situations as a boss!

Sometimes boss also need guidance

As a boss you will always face sticky situations at work that might affect the productivity of your startup. Dealing with weirdness in the office is never easy, but it’s essential to running a successful company.

So, here are some handy solutions to your problems. Just take a look guys:

1. Two employees start dating or break up: Forty-six percent of employees have been involved in an office romance, according to researches. But office relationships can create all sorts of awkward morale problems for employers, as well as legal dangers, such as sexual harassment claims. So, just because it affects your company’s productivity you have jump into an issue as a boss. You might be least interested in their lives but you have to intervene. Meet privately with the employees and have them state that it is a voluntary, consensual relationship to protect against a sexual harassment claim. They should keep things professional, meaning no visible PDA or sharing of company information (e.g., sales leads) in ways that could put their co-workers at a disadvantage.

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2. An employee shares too much personal information with co-workers: This is the employee who talks in deep detail about his impending divorce, recent doctor’s visit or latest romantic relationship. There is no topic that is off limits — and for co-worker, there is nowhere to hide. Again it is not good for the company. So, as a boss it’s your responsibility to make sure your employees do not exchange unnecessary information with each other that is of no use.

3 Ex Employee can be a threat : An angry ex-employee can cause a lot of havoc, from 3 a.m. prank calls to hacking into the company’s computer system. Ex employees are the biggest problems. If he takes things too far, file a property damage report with the police. Even if you are working only on suspicion that an ex-employee is behind the mischief, you can explain why you believe the ex-employee may be the culprit. Do not forget to plan ahead for ex-employees who could create a problem in future. Research security companies and know how to file a restraining order, if necessary.

You have to make things clear

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4. Employees wear politics or religion on their sleeve: No working areas are without politics.
Religion and politics are topics best avoided, but some employees will work them into the conversation. There is a big difference between the employee who simply says “God bless you” and the employee who tries to convert his co-workers. As a Boss, you may ask an employee to refrain from religious conversation around fellow co-workers who find it objectionable and could file harassment or hostile work environment claims. Be careful, however, not to discriminate against the employee because of her religious expression. Politics always make the things worst.

5.An employee is planning a wedding and annoying co-workers: Planning a wedding is a happy time in a person’s life, but not if you are the planner’s co-worker picking up the slack for someone more interested in place settings than spreadsheets. It’s good you are getting marrying but no need to disturb others by telling your future goals. Nobody is interested. No need to show off. Sometimes as a boss you have to explain the concerned person that nobody is interested in his or her talks.

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