While Gyms are closed, you can workout at home with these 5 simple exercises

You already know these 5 simple exercises; you just need to read why you need to do them

All the places, where people gather and can infect coronavirus to each other, have been advised to close. Gyms across many cities are closed as a precautionary measure to stop the coronavirus. We know you are a gym addict and now you feel like something is missing, because you couldn’t hit your muscles. But while the gyms are closed you can do some exercises at home to keep your muscles working. Here we are telling you 5 simple exercises that you can do at your home while your gym is locked.

1. Push-ups

You probably start your workout in gym with this exercise and you how fruitful it is for your upper body muscles. Do the different versions of push-ups to hit all your upper body muscles. It can easily be done at home so what are you waiting for. Start pushing your limits by taking the challenge of doing 2 extra push-ups every day.

2. Squats are a must in 5 simple exercises list

Many of us skip leg day or go for abs on leg days but we must know that it is very important to do leg exercises. Lower body strength is as important as upper body strength. Squats can be easily done at home without any equipment and they will keep your leg muscles busy until you start going to the gym. It must be included in your 5 simple exercises list.

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3. Lunges

You already know how effective this exercise is to provide strength to your legs. It’s just that you won’t have dumbbells or plates for weights, still, you can do a greater number of lunges than usual (without the weight) for a similar impact.

4. Crunches

Who doesn’t want chiselled and toned abs, Don’t you? While you don’t have weights to target your back or shoulder, you can utilize that time to work on your abs. If you are a beginner who is trying to bulk-up, people would have advised you not to do abs. Throw that senseless advice and hit the abs while you are working out at home by doing crunches.

5. Burpees

You should include Burpees in your home workout because it gives you a great cardiovascular workout. With every rep, you will work your arm, chest, glutes, abs, and hamstrings.

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