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Working Moms on internet shared how they strike work -Life Balance & tips are quite helpful!

Working Moms and their secrets of balancing personal and professional life

If you are a working mom then you will often find yourself stuck between your work life and personal life. No matter how hard we all try to strike a balance, sometimes we just couldn’t do it. Choosing between the two could be a tough choice but you can always prioritize wisely. A lot of working moms shared on the internet how they strike a balance work-life balance without losing their sanity. And we must say the tips are quite helpful. 

“Setting up boundaries is important. Be it at your home or at your workplace. Make sure there are some rules that you follow like a religion. I do not take work calls after 7 Pm and try not to indulge in office work during weekends. It has helped me a lot”, said Payal Sharma, 33, IT professional.

Seema Pandey mother of two doting daughters believes that it is important to make your children right from the beginning. She said, ” I think it is important to tell your kids about your work. It helps them to understand that we have to manage things on our own.”

Let us take a look at tips that we found quite useful. Do not forget to share it with your friends who are struggling to strike a balance.

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Gentle Reminder – Family Aur Ghar Ke Beech, don’t forget to prioritize yourself

  1. Keeping yourself happy is the most important: Do not stress yourself while fulfilling your responsibilities. Make sure to include your own happiness in your priorities. Make time for everything that brings you happiness and peace of mind.
  1. Do not ignore health at all: As common as this sounds, it is equally important. While fulfilling the responsibilities of work life and personal life, you should not leave your health behind, so you must pay attention to your health.
  1. Take help from your spouse too:As a working mom, there is a lot of pressure on you to manage both at home and in the office. Don’t let yourself be bothered by this pressure. And talk to your spouse in this matter and get their help. Talk to them without any hesitation and then both of them together share all the responsibilities of the household and family among themselves.
  1. Spend some time doing your own work: No matter how busy your schedule is, take some time out for your health.Exercising in the morning will keep your mind good and stable throughout the day. Not only will this reduce stress, but you will also feel energetic.
  1. Set Priorities:Suppose you have some very important office work and everything is going well in your house, then at such a time you n prioritize your office work. If you are in the office and your family needs you, then you should give priority to your family by taking some time off from the office.
  1. Learn to say no. Be it at work or at your home, say No whenever you feel overloaded. In the process of managing everything, do not forget to keep your mental health in check.
  1. Use the Internet:Go online. Try to save your time by going fully digital. Be it paying bills or buying groceries, make online portals your best friend. Make a list of things that can be online so that you can prioritize other activities – Like going out with kids, going on regular checkups, etc.
  1. Discipline is the biggest role player in this game of managing time. The mind must be disciplined to do what is required at a particular time. Start recognizing where you are not disciplined. Do you start your day with WhatsApp? Do you spend more time talking on the phone, do you find yourself walking to and fro from kitchen to table or living room to the bedroom just looking for things? Important time gets wasted in all this.

Lastly, it is important to make a to-do – list for better results. Take 8 hours of sleep, eat healthy food and meditate. All this can help you to strike work-life balance

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