Work Hard not Hardly


Work is the highest duty of man. Work is worship. Without work a man cannot lead a happy life. This beautiful world is Lord’s work. Lord himself is a worker and He wants all of us to work.


That is why he brought us in the world. Man works for achieving the comforts of life.


He has to work to sustain himself and his family. Sometimes he works to win name and fame. Work and man ware two inseparable thins.


Some people think that hard work affects a man’s health. But it is not so. Hard work is not injurious to health. It is rather contributory to health. Hard work makes the body active and smart. Without it man becomes lazy. His life becomes monotonous and bored. Hard work makes a man healthy. Those who do not work hard and remain cushioned in bed, often fall ill. If a man does not use his limbs, he will become invalid.


Our body and mind both need hard work. If we do mental work, it does not weaken our mental faculties. On the contrary mental work makes our mind sharper and keener. If a man does not allow his mind to work, it becomes dull and active. But for hard work, it is necessary that man should like the work that he is doing. A man can work hard only if it is of his taste. If he likes the work he will do it enthusiastically and will progress.


Hard work renders peace of mind. It gives mental satisfaction and contentment.



A man, who works hard, enjoys a sound sleep. He never develops harmful habits as he is occupied with his work. hard work is a sure shot way to success.


Remember to work hard and not hardly!

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