Wondering if it’s okay to sleep with socks on? Find your answer inside

Is it okay to sleep with your socks on?


Well, winters have been at their peak in most parts of the world and t becomes irritating when any part of your body remains to be freezing. In most cases, it is the feet that tend to not get warm making it difficult to not feel irritated. And especially in the sleeping hours, when you are in the blanket, yet your feet are not tending to be warm enough to make you have a comfortable sleep. But did you consider sleeping with your socks on? Or do you wonder if it is healthy to sleep with your socks on? If yes, you are in the right place to find this answer.


Is it okay to sleep with your socks on?

Well, the answer is a ‘YES’. In fact, there has been proof that warm feet and body temperature increases the quality of sleep, making it a win-win situation. In fact, there are some other benefits of sleeping with the socks on –


– Can help in getting rid of cracked and dried heals
– Can prevent hot flashes as it helps in cool and maintaining the core body temperature
– Can decrease the chances of Raynaud’s attack
– Can increase the orgasm, potentially by 30 per cent as per researches.


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But then why have people, especially the elderly always say not to sleep with the socks on?

Well, it is not really about not wearing the socks but certainly a question about what type of socks you should be wearing. Earlier, the socks used to have tight elastics, and the elderly generally used to suggest avoiding sleeping with them because tight elastics can lead to poor blood circulation.


So, what kind of socks are fit to sleep with?

Socks that are made up of natural fibres are certainly perfect to wear in the bed. The first and foremost thing that should be ensured is that they should not be very thick or tight fitted.


Rice Socks

If you feel uneasy wearing something while sleeping, rice socks are the best option for you. Rice socks are certainly beneficial for your health and good sleep. It will provide your feet, the needed warmth and won’t even make it discomforting for you.


How to make it – Pour some rice in a pair of socks, tie them from their mouth and put them in the microwave oven for 1 – 2 minutes.

Now, keep these socks near your chilling feet and they will become warm after a while.


Avoid Compression socks in bedtime

Compression socks can be really good for you to improve your blood circulation but they are not meant to be worn in the bed. IT will only increase the irritability for your feet if you are planning to sleep with your compression socks on while you sleep.

So, concluding it here, there is no harm in sleeping with your socks on. It is just that you should be mindful of what socks you are wearing. Don’t wear socks that are very tight, or are of material that is not comfortable to wear.

Enjoy winters and have a good, warm sleep.


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