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School girl invents ‘Wonder Mask’ to fight Covid-19: This is what we want right now! 

Let’s not forget to thank our this little hero!

The outbreak of coronavirus has brought everyone in a sudden state of shock. People from all walks are finding this time hard. Since the outbreak of this deadly virus, all the sanitizer and masks were out of stock. Notably, these two things are the most essential and surely the need of an hour. As the supply of sanitizer and masks went out of stock, many households started making the masks themselves and making it available for people. Out of this, Digantika Bose, a school going girl in Burdawan district of West Bengal has invented a new scientific mask. That will keep the doctors and nurses safe from the coronavirus with a higher degree of protection. Digantika a 11th class student took a part in the challenge Covid-19 competition floated by the National Innovation Foundation where she developed ‘Air providing and virus destroying mask.’

“This would destroy every virus coming out of a Covid-19 patient during exhalation. This mask is designed not only to protect the human being from the Coronavirus infection, but it designed to kill the virus instantly the moment it comes in contact with the mask,” claimed Digantika.

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About the Mask

Every child is special and different in their own ways, and without any fail Digantika has proved it right. There are 3 layers in the mask. In the first layer there is an electric filter, in the second layer, there are two pieces of 30 mL size base which is filled by a chemical. It will destroy the lipid proteins of the virus by stopping dust mites and water mites, converting them into pure air. It also uses the base while breathing which provides fresh air. “When a coronavirus infected person sneezes or exhales, the droplets containing coronavirus coming out of his lungs will pass through the other one-way valve linked to another chamber and get trapped and its lipid protein cover will destroy immediately.”

The nation is thankful to this little girl and her so creative mind. Digantika has received recognition from the National Innovative Foundation (INF), a ministry of Science and Technology initiative for strengthening technological development with her innovative idea of developing a mask that the nation is looking forward to during this Covid-19 outbreak.

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